Nelson Proved To Be The Man Of Amanda’s Dreams


Amanda had just graduated from the University of North Carolina and had entered the workforce in Charlotte. The next step on her life’s journey was to find someone special to share it with. She wasn’t expecting much from online dating, but faith was important to her, so she took a chance on CatholicMatch.

Three hours to the east was the military outpost of Fort Bragg and it was there that 23-year-old Nelson was serving his country in the U.S. Army, and also serving the Catholic Church as a 3rd-grade catechist. He made a connection with Amanda, and after six weeks of messages and texts, they decided to meet up for a casual date of miniature golfing.

“After golf we didn’t want the date to end,” Amanda recalled. “So then we went to lunch. Three hours later we were still talking.” Amanda planned to go to the Saturday evening vigil Mass, so she invited Nelson. The date went on and so did their relationship.

Nelson & Amanda shared common interests from film to music that accentuated their shared Faith.

The couple not only shared faith, they had common interests, ranging from music to movies. They kept in touch daily and saw each other every weekend. A time for decisions was arriving and Amanda was acutely aware of the threshold point in life she faced.

“I was slightly hesitant since I was aware of the hardships in a long-distance relationship and also possibly dealing with Nelson being deployed,” she told CatholicMatch. “But I never thought I would meet someone as amazing as him and by New Year’s we were official.”

Nelson and Amanda met some expected adversity a month later when he was deployed, but the knowledge that it was possible didn’t lessen the emotional blow. “Nelson was worried that I might want to get out now, but it never crossed my mind to end our relationship,” Amanda said.

What the young couple did do was pro-actively work even harder on the relationship, spending more time together. The result was things progressed at a quicker pace, yet without feeling rushed. The time they spent together leading to his departure prepared them for long months when Skype was their only connection.

Amanda came to CatholicMatch looking for the man of her dreams. Nelson was that man.

Distance made the heart grow fonder and despite Nelson’s deployment, they were both firm in the conviction to marry. “It’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment,” Amanda said. “But we figured if we could make it through this, then we can make it through anything.”

Amanda came to CatholicMatch with modest expectations of online dating, but she thought big in terms of what she wanted in a spouse. “All you have to do is prove to me you’re the man of dreams,” she told potential suitors in her profile.

Nelson was “everything I ever hoped of,” she said. Indeed, she found a faithful Catholic who served his country and his Church with honor, and if all goes as planned, he and Amanda will marry in the fall of 2013.



  1. Daniel-569600 December 26, 2012 Reply

    Well Amanda is my first cousin and I congratulate her and my future 1st cousin-in-law (if that exists). Amanda has been faithfully waiting for prince cahrming, and by golly the first man she dates she gets married to.

    I wish the best for my cousin an future cousin-in-law Nelson.

  2. Maria-846262 December 18, 2012 Reply

    Nice story of Nelson and Amanda. Congratulations! I wonder though, as I see how very few people, in general, wind up connecting with someone else on this website. I keep reading about people that have been on CM for YEARS; and others that have left and come back. It just seems like it shouldn’t, but it is very difficult to meet actually meet people on this website, and then–at least from experience– I am constantly being matched to men that live very far away from me. Several men view my profile on a regular basis, but seldom anyone makes contact.
    Well, I certainly won’t spend YEARS in this site. I will probably not renew my membership after it’s up later in the Spring of 2013. I like to spend my years and time with someone, not looking for someone, which is OK if you’re 20, but not when you’re an older person.

    Again, good for Nelson and Amanda. I hope you have many, many years together. God bless.

  3. Meesch-691047 December 17, 2012 Reply

    How beautiful and wonderful! Congrats and many blessings for your future life together!

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