Martin & Justyna Walked A Gradual Path To Each Other


The relationship between Martin and Justyna grew slowly. The 32-year IT business analyst from New York was, by nature, someone who took a little while to really open up with people. And his online relationship with Justyna followed a path of gradual development.

“We exchanged emotigrams first (in 2008).” Martin told CatholicMatch. “Then we would email each other once every three months. We’d email each other just to be polite.” It might not sound like a budding romance was in the works, but they were both patient and there challenges to be dealt with.

For one, Justyna was in the United Kingdom, where she worked as nurse. Martin described himself as an optimist when it came to the challenges that a transatlantic relationship presented, although being across the ocean prevented any sense of urgency from developing.

What’s more, Martin was working to get himself established professionally. He’d come to the United states from the Middle East back in 2003 and attended American University, and getting himself on his feet was a bigger priority than a relationship.

Martin came to America and built his career. He went to the UK to find his true love.

Martin came to America and built his career. He went to the UK to find his true love.

In December 2009, Martin and Justyna spoke by phone, when he called to wish her a Merry Christmas. It set the stage for the first part of 2010 where they upgraded their emailing to keep in touch once a month. Finally in June of that year, they clicked. They talked on Skype for the first time, and from there made the video connection every week until May 2011.

Three years after their original online connection, Martin and Justyna were set to meet in person. She was flying in to New York City, and the same connection that they found through technology was there in the real world. “She was very down to earth, full of life and had a good relationship with God,” Martin told CatholicMatch.

Now it was Martin’s turn to get on the plane, and in December he took a visit to the United Kingdom and stayed there for two weeks. Martin was liking what he saw in the UK enough that he decided to make it permanent—both the country and the woman he was visiting. He relocated to the UK in August and today they are married.

There’s a lesson in Martin and Justyna’s marriage and it’s that there’s no set timetable for how a relationship has to unfold. They were comfortable with the lengthy intervals between messages when it all first began, and when the time was right it went to the next level.

Martin said that now that they are at the highest level of commitment, “we learn to love each other, forgive each other and continue to build our relationship.”




  1. Mel-607502 February 19, 2013 Reply

    Thumbs up to you guys…As a nurse i too find it so difficult to find time to really mingle and socialize…and for me life is all about my work and now, study along side as well. Your story brings me hope…that i might find my other half to make the whole picture of the next level in my life.. Cheers everyone 🙂

  2. AnaLucia-882670 January 29, 2013 Reply

    me gusta mucho esta historia.
    Pero es una gran enseñanza para los hombres inseguros que no quieren dar un paso para conquistar a esa persona que les gusta.
    veo que este hombre es muy seguro de lo que queria.
    Para Dios y para el amor no hay distancias.

  3. Meesch-691047 January 25, 2013 Reply

    How wonderful! Congrats and many blessings

  4. Kathy-730470 January 19, 2013 Reply

    Beverly everyone’s story of how they met and were married is different. The main thing is to find the right one. If that happens quickly great but if it takes longer that is ok too. The story above shows that sometimes it takes time to find the right one. It is an inspiring story to all who those who are on this site.

  5. Kathy-730470 January 19, 2013 Reply

    Very nice story. It shows how you cannot hurry love. Everything is in God’s time. God bless and congratulations.

  6. Beverly-527244 January 19, 2013 Reply

    I am glad that they found each other but even though it was on God’s calendar I would find myself feeling rather impatient on that timeline. Maybe it was because my marriage had been on a whirlwind, ie, met on the El in May of ’89 and was married by Aug of 1990! Maybe I rushed it? It lasted 17 years so I would consider it successful, even though good olf NO FAULT DIVORCE broke us up, very one-sidedly I might add. My grandparents met at a Swedish social and married within 3 days of having met so of course, that would represent the other extreme! The romantic in me finds the approach that my grandparents took more appealing than the story above. I just feel like life is short, why waste time?

    • Patricia-497944 January 22, 2013 Reply

      I love the patience displayed in this story, and hope their marriage lasts a lifetime. Beverly, I too had a long marriage (15 years) and the divorce was very one sided. I believe we courted for two years, with the last year being a long distance relationship. It was wonderful to finally marry and live our lives together. The feeling of being totally in love with the love of your life is well worth the wait. Unfortunately, for some, that feeling doesn’t always remain mutual. I also agree that life is too short, but I know I’m not in a hurry to marry again. I’m more selective in who I date, and want to get to know that special guy extremely well before I make any more commitments in my life.

  7. Jacqueline-198 January 19, 2013 Reply

    Goes to prove that with God all things are possible, and all in God’s time as well. Congratulations and God Bless!

    • Joy-152898 January 20, 2013 Reply

      Yes, it is. Congrats and thanks for sharing your story! Everything is in God’s time. God Bless.

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