Michael Went Outside The Box To Meet Theresa


Michael was open to a long-distance relationship. The 67-year-old from Minnesota put on his profile that he was willing to relocate. “He says he meant relocate somewhere in Minnesota,” recalled 65-year-old Theresa. He wasn’t expecting to end up on the Atlantic coast, but his willingness to go outside the box set in motion a special relationship for him and Theresa.

It was Theresa who came across Michael’s profile on CatholicMatch, and she reviewed it thoroughly, liking what she saw. “His temperament and mine matched almost perfectly,” she said. “He seemed like a deeply devout Catholic who lived out his faith not only in his prayer life, but also in the many volunteer activities he was involved in.”

Michael and Theresa can’t recall how they decided to join CatholicMatch. “We are both convinced that our meeting…was the work of the Holy Spirit,” said Theresa.

It was this past June that Theresa sent Michael an emotigram, just noting how they had the same temperament—a good example of how real connections can be initiated by a basic introduction. Michael checked out Theresa’s profile and even though her hometown in Delaware was a lot further than he ever considered relocating, he felt he heard a voice in his heart telling him that something was special about this woman.

The emotigram and the quiet voice of the heart led to email exchanges and phone calls that were happening on a daily basis by the end of July. The following month, Michael was on a plane to Delaware. Any lingering questions either had, were washed away when they saw each other at the airport—love at first sight may have been preceded by countless messages, calls and photos, but it was surely love at first sight in person.

“That was the most expensive first date I ever experienced,” Michael joked later. “But it was worth it at ten times the price.”

Michael & Theresa's chemistry brought  real warmth to Minnesota this Christmas.

Michael & Theresa’s chemistry brought real warmth to Minnesota this Christmas.

Michael visited Delaware again and Theresa made a return trip to Minnesota. The families of each have embraced the other, seeing the connection and chemistry that exists.

It was December 6 that Theresa was in Minnesota and they went to St. Paul’s Cathedral, the national shrine of the Apostle Paul. They went on a tour, after which they prayed before the alter. After the prayer was done, Michael asked Theresa to marry him.

“Right under the picture of the Holy Spirit,” Theresa told CatholicMatch. “How very appropriate since we believe the Holy Spirit brought us together from 1,200 miles apart. I told him ‘Yes, most definitely, yes.’” It’s fair to say that perhaps no one has enjoyed a vacation to the Upper Midwest in December weather more than Theresa did last month.

“I was and continued to be amazed and overwhelmed with happiness,” Theresa said. As for Michael, he will be relocating to Delaware—a little further than he expected, but worth it in spades.



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    Great happiness to both for the rest of your lives!!
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    God bless your relationship! I wish the best for both of you.

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    Congratulations both of you. It is such a beautiful story very encouraging. in the book of Isaiah it is written “Arise and shine for the glory of the LORD is here.”

    God bless you and watch over you always.

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