A Catholic’s Guide to Bible Study


My interest in Bible study began in college, when I was part of a women’s Bible study. Talking about Scripture with friends was so enjoyable; we grew in our understanding of the faith together and had fun times of fellowship as well.

Now, I am part of a monthly Bible study. We college friends—some married, some single—gather together for fellowship (lots of fun catching up), treats (usually muffins of one sort or another) and discussion of the faith amongst us girls.

Starting a Bible study is a great idea for any Catholic group, especially during Lent. Here are some tips for a good study:

1. Gather: Plan time to chat with your friends, and welcome kids into the study. We find little ones are a cute addition, even if they sometimes stop the conversation momentarily. No worries: You will always take something away from the study sessions.

2. Eat: A simple snack is always appreciated. Good food will draw a crowd!

3. Be simple: Don’t plan too much to get through. The Holy Spirit will take the time where it should be focused.

4. Find resources: Reading Scripture is important, but don’t limit yourself to the Bible alone. Commentaries like The Better Part are thought-provoking and simple ways to prompt discussion. We have also used Matthew Kelly’s The One Thing, biographies of St. Gianna (her quotes allowed good discussion) and A Jane Austen Devotional (which pairs novel excerpts with Scripture).

5. Have fun! Faith and fellowship is the perfect combination.

A Bible study is a also a simple way to incorporate the Year of Faith into your Catholic life.

Happy Bible studying!

Amy Smith is the associate editor for the National Catholic Register.



  1. Lucy-41785 February 6, 2013 Reply

    I’ve been doing the Great Adventure Catholic bible studies series with a mixed gender group of people from church for about six years. I am really seeing it pay off in my knowledge of the bible. I love that it incorporates the Catechism, too.

  2. Meesch-691047 February 6, 2013 Reply

    Faith and Fellowship are one of life joys! Wish I had more of both, lol

  3. Nancy K. February 5, 2013 Reply

    Learning is a life-long journey — and learning more about the Bible, our History, our faith – also a life-long journey… I participated in a 24 week Bible study last Jan – June – and am amazed at all I learned, and that was just the surface…. there is soooo much more to learn. I may try it here in our parish this Lent… thanks for the encouragement Donna!!!!

  4. Mary-188515 February 5, 2013 Reply

    I love hearing about Catholics who actually read the Bible. Most don’t in my experience.

  5. Maggie-918313 February 5, 2013 Reply

    Great idea! I’d probably be more comfortable with the accuracy of explanations in the Catholic Catechism than the other resources listed, but I’m going to check them out!

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