Best #AshTag Tweets of Ash Wednesday (Updated All Day)


It is the beginning of lent and we wanted to start it out by helping people show their Catholic pride. We will be tracking the best #AshTag tweets & photos all day. Check back often. Tweet us @catholicmatch and your Tweet will have a better chance of showing up!

“if you’re dating a Catholic girl, you had better go to Ash Wednesday Mass or she might give you up for Lent”

Must resist the urge to scratch my forehead. #ashtag

I always get jealous when everyone else has the perfect cross and mine is just a smudge. #ashtag

Guy at tire place: Did you put something on your forehead? Me: Yes, ashes Guy: Oh, I thought you touched a tire and wiped your face #ASHtag

My mom would never let me skip school to get my ashes when they have mass at night #jealous #ASHtag

Keep them coming we want want to see your #AshTag!
just saw this post from the Facebook page for best #ashtag tweets: here’s a photo contribution:

via Facebook
Domenico Bettinelli: It’s funny how far the #ashtag thing has spread in the past couple of years. And to think when I started it, it was being used for a volcanic ash cloud.

Anyone else feel like theyll go to hell if they accidentally rub off their ashes? #ashtag

One thing I’ve noticed from today’s #AshTag pix…some of y’all gave up the sun long before Lent! #Pastey

I got ashes on my head, and I aint afraid to show it, show it, show it…I’m catholic and I know it #AshTag

Just saw two guys at the bus stop with a sign that said “Ashes to go.” I’m still dying! #catholickid #ashtag

Getting called Simba by friends on Ash Wednesday #ASHtag

New Ash Wednesday card for imbibers: hahaha #ASHtag

A guy told me my ashes bring out my eyes.. Catholic pick up line? #ashtag

The guy at the gas station told me I have a nice ash. #ashtag

Shout!out 2 the guy who now feels stupid 4 trying 2 tell the lady walking by she has something on her forehead #ashwednesday #ASHtag

Funny how the “smudge of dirt” on my forehead is conveniently in the shape of a cross #ASHtag

“What does mine look like?” -every kid in a Catholic grade school right about now. #ashtag #AshWednesday

Got so into my exam I forgot I had ashes. #whyarepeoplestaring #ohyeah #ashtag

Got my #ashtag +:) @ St. Pius X Catholic Church

“@CgClancy: Got a pretty good one this year! #AshWednesday #ASHtag @catholicgrlprob ” that looks awesome! Amen

Catholics are the reason why McDonalds sell filet o fish. #Ashtag

+:•) #ASHtag good thing I had half a pound of sausage for dinner last night

It’s Ash Wednesday. Wear your ashes proudly. Consider it your Catholic temporary tattoo. #ashtag

Ash Wednesday is like a giant game of scavenger hunt. #FindTheCatholics #ASHtag

Happy Ash Wednesday! Don’t forget your #ashtag

What do I have left to work on this Lent? I nailed humility during the last Lent #ashtag

Ash Wednesday. The day that everyone goes to Mass because they think it’s a holy day of obligation, but it’s not and it should be. #ASHtag

It’s Catholic Singles Awareness Day! Ashes+No Ring=Get Those Digits. #ashtag



  1. Will-836097 February 13, 2013 Reply

    I’m afraid I don’t have Twitter, but I have always found it amusingly ironic that on the same day we receive ashes on our foreheads, we hear the reading from Matthew 6:5.

  2. Chas-668146 February 13, 2013 Reply

    I believe it’s only the Uk and Germany the have the ashes on Their forehead every other country sprinkles the ash over their head.

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