David & Corrina Persisted Through Early Skepticism


Corrina was skeptical of online dating—the 29-year-old law student from Chicago even went of her way to write a profile that made sure anyone who viewed it knew how busy she was. David was no less busy in his work as a doctor, and he wasn’t even a full member of CatholicMatch.

Even when they met in person, the first two dates didn’t seem to have much of a spark. You could add all this up and conclude they weren’t the likeliest couple to end up as a success story. But God was watching over them, and just as importantly, David and Corrina both cooperated with His grace even through skepticism. The result was a match made in Heaven.

It was the second day after Corrina joined CatholicMatch that Dave sent her a “smile” emotigram. A message ensued, and she would later find out that he took out a full membership specifically to contact her. Three weeks of long messages back and forth followed.

Their busy schedules made finding the time to start a new relationship difficult, but the time they spent corresponding had its advantages. “By the time we finally met, we’d discussed all the things that were important to us,” Corrina said. “Any relationship we entered would be one that would help us discern if we would be a good fit to get married.”

It wasn't until midway through the third date that the romantic connection clicked.

It wasn’t until midway through the third date that the romantic connection clicked.

What they both brought to each other was a deep love for the Catholic Church. David wrote in his profile about his love for the Mass and the beauty of the Church’s different liturgical rites. Corrina was also looking for a relationship that would have faith as its cornerstone, and that was the common bond that kept them together when their initial dates didn’t trigger love at first sight.

“Although I felt our first date was a little rocky, he was confident that if he could just get me to go on a second date, our relationship would really go far,” Corrina recalled. Even the second date though, left her with doubts. “I’ve been told a girl should always give a guy three dates before she makes a decision about him,” she said. “I gave him one more try.”

It seemed the third date might be the last when they went to Mass together and he kept a distance from her in the pew. What she took as a lack of connection though, was just him wondering if she would be okay with him holding her hand in church. “That was the turning point,” Corrina told CatholicMatch. “Well that, and he finally kissed me,” she added with a smile.

When the turning point was passed, David and Corrina found their common bond extended beyond their shared faith. Their senses of humor, described by Corrina as “bizarre” are compatible and in their respective professions the ability each has to relax the other in times of stress has been eminently valuable. “When I start ranting about my day, he’ll listen compassionately,” Corrina said. “Then he’ll crack up at something I say and help me realize I’m blowing things way out of proportion.”

This past Valentine’s Day was their seven-month anniversary together. Their eventual engagement was all but a certainty, and they were even looking at wedding dates. But Corrina’s finger was still ring-less. “Dave picked me up from school and took me to his place,” she recalled. The candles were lit, setting a romantic tone. On a chair that Corrina always sat in to do her homework was a box of chocolates. Corrina took the chocolates, and Dave came up behind her to formally propose.

“He told me he’d known he was going to marry me from our very first date,” Corrina said. “He never admitted that before—it explains why he was so nervous…Now I have the most gorgeous ring on my finger and everyone knows I’m taken. I can’t wait until he has a ring and everyone knows he’s taken too.”

Planning the wedding for this summer has brought its own set of challenges, although even here the hand of God has been present. The original date was for June 22 because it was the first day of Corrina’s summer break where David could also get two week’s vacation. June 22 is also the Feast of St. Thomas More, who happens to be the patron saint of lawyers.

David & Corrina worked through the busyness of their schedules to make time for each other.

David & Corrina worked through the busyness of their schedules to make time for each other.

That date didn’t work out well for both of their families, so they moved the date to July 27—which, on the traditional calendar is the Feast of St. Pantaleon, the patron saint of doctors. “We were so excited to see God so clearly even in the little details of our wedding plans!”

Indeed, God was present for David and Corrina, in helping them navigate some early difficulties, whether it was the first face-to-face date or the first wedding date and leading them to a happy ending.

They’ve both put the work in to allow His grace to take hold—whether it’s her going to the hospital to eat a quick dinner with him between patients, or being at his place while he keeps televised sports on mute just to be in the same room with her as she studies. David and Corrina have cooperated with God’s plan and reaped the rewards.

“He likes to see me smile and is very intentional about doing things that make me smile every day,” Corrina told CatholicMatch. “What more could any girl ever ask for?”



  1. Thomas H. July 25, 2013 Reply

    great story. looking forward to celebrating with both of you in a couple of days.

  2. Rosanna-564071 March 7, 2013 Reply

    Gotta love the story about St. Thomas More and St. Pantaleon! :D. Well, we certainly know who the two main patron saints of this marriage are! Besides St. Joseph and Mother Mary, of course. :). Blessings to your marriage and family!

  3. Kathy-730470 March 3, 2013 Reply

    A very nice story ! Congratulations ! God bless you both.

  4. Maria-943288 February 28, 2013 Reply

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful story

  5. Candace-587406 February 27, 2013 Reply

    For some couples, the spark is there instantly, but for others it takes time for the chemistry to develop. I see nothing wrong with going out on a few dates to test the compatibility.

  6. Jim-873983 February 27, 2013 Reply

    Corrina, I want to wish you congratulations and all the best for your upcoming married life. I remember when all of this got started. Your joining this site inspired me to join as well this past summer, when we were working at the TMS. You are in my prayers, and keep fighting the good fight for life! May we work together again in the future!


  7. Lois-765906 February 27, 2013 Reply

    Wow – what a great story. Also interesting to learn that a gal should go on three dates before making up her mind about a guy. I have always thought if we could get past the first date (with all of the understandable awkwardness), then the next couple of dates would really help determine if we could be a match. 🙂 David and Corrina – congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

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