Enhanced Love With Augmented Reality?



Ever see the movie, Click with Adam Sandler? It was a story about a wild and crazy idea… a universal remote control that anticipated what Adam’s character, Michael Newman, wanted or didn’t want to do in life. He could mute sounds he didn’t want to hear, like the dog barking or annoying music from another car while sitting in traffic. He could fast forward through illnesses and arguments with his wife. He could rewind and visit his past experiences or go to the future where things hadn’t happened yet. Yes, it was a story built on fantasy. But the interesting thing about the movie’s concept was the salesman who sold Michael the remote was actually, Morty, the angel of death.


But that was soooooo 2006. Now, that fantasy is a reality and it’s going to affect everyone’s life in the near future. You think the Manti Te’o incident was out of control? I do. It was one of the most bizzare stories I’ve ever heard. But hang on tight, guys, because the future is going to make that story look like a fairy tale when it comes to the way relationships between people take place.


According to the American multinational semiconductor chip maker corporation, Intel, computers of the future will anticipate the needs of people:


Imagine a device that uses a variety of sensory modalities to determine what you are doing at an instant, from being asleep in your bed to being out for a run with a friend. By combing hard sensor information such as where you are and the conditions around you combined with soft sensors such as your calendar, your social network and past preferences, future devices will constantly learn about who you are, how you live, work and play. As your devices learn about your life, they can begin to anticipate your needs,” explained the CTO of the world’s largest chipmaker.


This is the introduction of “augmented reality“; a technology already in use. But it doesn’t end there. Engineer and futurologist Ian Pearson says future technology will monitor our health and moods, control our dreams, and offer the option of virtual intimacy in a way that we can not only connect with our spouses, but alter their appearance as well.


Scary. Ordinary life in the future seems as if it will be void of real and personable relationships. This prospect seems to be a lot like. . . like. . . like Morty.


So how do we keep personal relationships alive and exciting amidst the bourgening technology take-over? It means placing a reasonable importance on technology in our lives. This is a topic of discussion that I believe we really need to discuss thoroughly before we’re caught up in something that just sweeps us away without realizing it. The ability to do things in a more efficient and expedient way with technology is great as it applies to communicating at work or paying bills, etc. But if we lose our personal relationships… we’re in deep trouble. I’ve already told my teen-aged daughter (who is not allowed to date until she’s 18) that anyone who asks her out on a date via text is out on his ear. Not a chance, bud. My daughter deserves the best you have to offer and that’s not it.


In his Christmas Eve 2012 address, Pope Benedict cautioned that, “We are so “full” of ourselves that there is no room left for God. And that means there is no room for others either, for children, for the poor, for the stranger.”


So, augment the reality of your personal relationships by insisting on keeping the important factors of life in them; be together as often as possible, keep the personal touch involved, and speak to each other more than you text of email. But probably the best way to keep your relationship on a high personal level is to pray together often. Stay in touch with God and don’t lose sight of Him in the virtual world. 


The Pope went on to say that “technology and instant communications are leaving people with “no room” for the important things in life.” Let’s not let that happen, friends. Let’s keep reality alive and teach our children what it means to be human.


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  1. Brandon-729898 February 17, 2013 Reply

    People should learn about some of the ways that you can protect yourself when attemping to have an online relationship.

  2. Rosanna-564071 February 5, 2013 Reply

    We are body + soul, and it seems that via the abuse of technology, Satan wants us to forget about that beautiful integration. May Christ, God Incarnate, takes us back to the profound reality that we are souls in sacred temples!

  3. Ashley-859745 February 4, 2013 Reply

    Wow! The future is fascinating!

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