Relevant Radio Champions For Unmarried Catholics On Air


Last month, I traded my CatholicMatch blogger title for an on air radio personality title during the Relevant Radio segment, On Call with radio host Wendy Wiese. On Call highlights professionals who can support listeners trying to live out their daily life with a Catholic perspective. Wendy regularly has guests on the show who focus on the importance of sacramental marriages and families, but thought it was equally important to have guests who will help single Catholics “get there.”

It was an honor to represent my CatholicMatch blogging on this national radio show and specifically talk about my blog post, “5 CatholicMatch New Year’s Resolutions.” It was clear as the calls continued to come in that we are all a part of a very unique community that has more depth – and reach – than each of us realize.

CatholicMatch is about viewing dating through a spiritual lens, and even though the dating scene has changed in both timing and scope, a faith-filled approach has never been more important.

“I was so tired of dating,” Julie from Minnesota told Wendy and me. “The common factor between all of them was that there was never anything spiritual between us.”

The many success stories on this blog echo Julie’s sentiments, and as the radio interview continued, I felt more blessed than ever before that I can consider CatholicMatch a part of my own love story.

Click here to listen to the January 11 interview, and know that while the New Year holiday may be behind us, there’s still time to act on your CatholicMatch New Year’s resolutions to guarantee a positive start to 2013! Here are my recommendations, and click here for the full blog post.

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Stay tuned to the blog for future CatholicMatch Relevant Radio interviews!



  1. Amber-931533 February 10, 2013 Reply

    Yes, Relevant Radio helped me discern that I should be a Catholic. I was raised Protestant but learned so much on Relevant Radio that ultimately led me to RCIA and becoming Catholic 🙂

  2. Marita-847688 February 9, 2013 Reply

    I’ve listened to it for 6 and a half years. It’s a great source for Catholic questions and prayer.

    • Cathy-620979 February 10, 2013 Reply

      Hey Marita, hope to see you at some of the Catholic events around town.

  3. Kevin-592535 February 8, 2013 Reply

    Relevant Radio is an exceptional source for needs of Catholics in many avenues. Thanks to their radio station affiliates in and around Chicago, helped me learn more about my faith.

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