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Not everyone is a gifted writer, so having to provide a description of yourself can seem intimidating. Do I sound too confident? Are my descriptions too generic? Should I mention that I play the tuba? If you are having a hard time writing your online dating profile, you are not alone.

If you are wondering how to write about yourself and improve your profile, CatholicMatch has some new ideas.

First, we’ve expanded the profile essay section to include writing prompts that will help you describe your interests, in your own words. Remember that this information will be other members’ first glimpse into your lifestyle and personality. Be thoughtful and thorough. Make sure you fill out everything, even if the section is optional. A full profile shows that you put effort into it, and it gives your potential mate more information about you.

Additionally, we’ve updated the favorites section so you no longer have to check the predetermined choices for best food or music. Now you can type specific descriptions of your favorites which gives you the opportunity to uniquely name your interests. For example, you don’t have to limit your likes to just football. You can write in a tag for Alabama Crimson Tide (Roll Tide!) and attract other members who share your passion for college football, the traditional Latin Mass or the writings of J.R.R. Tolkien.

Not only do the descriptive tags draw other members to know the real you, but they also help you discover your true match. As more and more members start to insert personal tags to their profiles, CatholicMatch will use these distinctive key words to improve the matching system. Go ahead and add those interesting details about playing the tuba, being a “30 Rock” fan or winning trivia every week.

You will find it easier to search for people who have similar interests and values. The snapshot of a profile and a few email exchanges can be valuable early indicators of how successful and enjoyable a first date might be. And for Catholics in search of a mate who shares the faith, that focus can be clear from the start.

For more tips to improve your profile, read our FREE Online Dating Guide For Catholics.



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  1. Regina-949796 March 9, 2013 Reply

    Having someone match you in everything could be boring. I say this because I was married to someone who was different from me at the start. You can learn from one another and maybe see things from another perspective and grow. Maybe he or she likes different music or sports or something else. It is something to think about or give it a chance. It can be a zig zag relationship for starters but end up growing in ways you never could imagine. Hey I am no authority. Give it some thought or give it a chance.

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