Joy Keeps Flowing For Three CatholicMatch Couples


We are pleased to give an update of three success stories that were published on the CatholicMatch blog over the last year and a half.

When the stories were published, the members were still in the dating phase and looking to understand God’s will in their lives. We’d like to thank the couples involved for the good word that they are now either engaged or already married…

*Felix and Tami (in the main photo) weren’t deterred by having a long-distance relationship. Tami lived in northern Kentucky, and when she encountered Felix he had literally just relocated from nearby Cincinnati all the way to Peru. They both pursued the relationship and today they are married, an example how God writes straight with crooked lines.

Todd & Stephanie's first-date magic ended up in wedded bliss.

Todd & Stephanie’s first-date magic ended up in wedded bliss.

Todd and Stephanie have been dating since early last year, but as she told CatholicMatch in March: “You know how people just know? That first date, we both knew.” The first-date magic has resulted in marriage.

Angela made a decision to not let a jaded view of relationships serve as baggage that would deprive her of happiness. Her decision to look forward rather than back brought her Joe. Their wedding will take place in Colorado Springs this April, with Joe soon to return home from Afghanistan where he has honorably served his country.

Congratulations to all three couples, as they continue their journey together!



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