Roman Took A Risk To Win Laura’s Heart


Roman and Laura were a long ways apart, both geographically and in what they were looking for when they joined CatholicMatch. Roman was living in Albuquerque and saw his membership here as his last-ditch effort to find someone who shared his faith. Laura was in Boston and much more casual—she just wanted to make friends and see where things went. As it turned out, where things went was the start of a relationship that has all the makings of something special.

Laura is closing in on graduating medical school and beginning training as a gynecologist. The 26-year-old is originally from El Paso and unsure where her next stop will be, which explained her initial desire to keep things casual. Roman, 25-years-old, had just bought a house in Albuquerque and loved to write and to create music.

Even though Laura was the one looking to be casual, she was the one who made first contact online, sending Roman a “coffee” emotigram. “He actually doesn’t like coffee,” she said jokingly in retrospect. Maybe not, but he was interested in the sender of the emote and their online chats flowed with chemistry almost immediately. Laura, cautious of some recent highly publicized pitfalls in online relationships, wanted to Skype and make sure the man she was talking to was the real thing.

Roman proved to be the real thing in ways beyond the surface. “I was impressed by his honesty, his openness and his joy,” Laura recalled. “He is a humble person who stayed faithful to God even when he felt lonely or doubted he would find the right person.”

Both of them had a deep belief in the need to trust God’s plan in their lives, and perhaps it was that trust that led Roman to be ready to take the leap and fly to Boston. He set the stage by sending Laura a dozen red roses and asking to date her. It was “a risk for the sake of love,” as Laura put it, and it led her to be open to something more than friendship.

“I was struck by how grateful he was to spend time with me,” Laura said regarding Roman’s trip to Boston. “All he wanted was for me to make him his favorite meal.  “(At Mass) we were asked to take the gifts up to the altar and he said it was like a sign God was blessing our relationship.”

Roman’s confidence in sharing the faith is something important to Laura, who wrote in her profile that she wanted a man who was secure in his identity as a child of God. For his part, Roman is glad to be with someone for whom faith is a uniting point and not a dividing one.

“We had both been in relationships that just didn’t work, no matter how hard we tried to make them function,” Laura told CatholicMatch. “It was so refreshing to find someone with whom we could communicate so easily and have so much in common such that we did not have to compromise on our values.”

Roman and Laura have had a second cross-country meeting and excited for the future. These are two special young people, who love God, the Church and are building something with each other. Let the prayers of the CatholicMatch community be with them as they move forward with the childlike confidence in Divine Providence that has brought them this far.



  1. Candace S. June 20, 2013 Reply

    Very nice story. I pray for God’s will in your relationship!

  2. Michele C. May 20, 2013 Reply

    A very nice motion picture, enjoy playing, and for real make it a happy day for both of you. May God bless you and grace you with blessings and his assuring presence which is with you.

  3. Omar M. May 17, 2013 Reply

    Very nice, pray then take the chance lol

  4. Laura-933810 May 3, 2013 Reply

    Thank you Kathy!

  5. Kathy-730470 March 28, 2013 Reply

    A very nice story. I wish you well on your journey together. God bless.

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