Sam’s Faith & Passion For Learning Drew Kathy To Him


Kathy had tried online dating, and she diplomatically described the results as “not so nice.” Hence, it was with caution that the 50-year-old Floridian set up her profile on CatholicMatch.

Sam, a year younger than Kathy and only a half-hour drive in the west Gulf Coast part of the Sunshine State said he was looking for someone to “hang out with and have fun.” Kathy liked the low-key congeniality those words conveyed. An emoticon exchange put them in touch and after a couple weeks of online communication, they got together.

“That first date was awesome,” Kathy recalled with unreserved enthusiasm. Sam went the extra mile—not only did he take Kathy on a picnic, but he put it all together himself and they spent over eight hours together. “We went out to the old Fort Pickens in Pensacola…and ended at the beach with some awesome conversation.”

Both Sam and Kathy had gone through the pain of seeing their first marriages end in divorce, and in the flush of new love, she freely admitted that they felt like teenagers again. “We talked on the phone for hours and hours every night,” she told CatholicMatch.

The couple shares a great deal of fun activities together, but it’s Sam’s depth that really stands out for Kathy—both intellectually and spiritually. “My biggest struggle has been finding someone who practices his faith and is knowledgeable about it.”

Perhaps it shouldn’t be a surprise that Kathy found such a passionate Catholic in a man who had been away from the faith for a long time, but has embraced his return home and gone all-out to learn as much as he can. “I really admire that about him,” she said. “He has joined my church, joined the choir with me and will soon be joining the Knights of Columbus.

Sam has also dedicated his career to helping those in need. As a science teacher he works with at-risk students, including those who have been in trouble with the law. Well before he formally came home spiritually, he was doing good in the world.

This past Labor Day, after an evening of barbecued ribs, Sam proposed marriage and Kathy accepted. Their wedding is coming up on March 16. “I hoped finding someone with my faith in common would make a difference,” Kathy told CatholicMatch. “Sam is a very sweet, caring sensitive man and I am really blessed.”



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    Nice story, well wishes to both hoping that it will happen to me soon.Betty,

  2. Lisa-572677 March 9, 2013 Reply

    Best wishes to this lovely couple!

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