A Strong Faith Foundation Brought Two Couples Together


David was on a faith journey, and for a long time dating was not a part of that. The 26-year-old IT analyst had a turning point in life two years prior when he converted to the Catholic Church. It had been high school since he dated when he came to CatholicMatch.

Vanessa, two years younger and lived right around the corner from David in the greater Chicagoland area. It was ironic that it took an online venue for them to meet, and perhaps even more ironic that though she was a regular churchgoer, having heard of CatholicMatch in her parish bulletin, it took David’s journey to draw her closer to the Church and inspire her to learn more about it.

When they connected online, they still kept communication electronic for a few weeks, before stepping out to meet each other in person. Given the prominence that learning about the Church has played in their relationship, it was surely appropriate that David proposed after Sunday Mass last October, and Vanessa accepted. Their engagement photo is featured above, and they will be married in January 2014.

A few hours west of where Vanessa and David are at, is another success in the making. Jeff is a 50-year-old self-employed car detailer, who was recovering from a tragedy—he had lost his first wife to a car wreck with a drunk driver.

“I tried other sites,” Jeff recalled. “But the lack of a religious connection was an issue.” It was 2011 that he came on CatholicMatch, and had a few dates that didn’t pan out. When a profile search brought up Amy, who lived just 25 miles away in rural Ohio, he sent her an emotigram and after a week of online communication, they got together for dinner, bowling and a movie.

The importance of faith in Amy’s life was an immediate attraction for Jeff. “Dating’s different from when we were younger,” he told CatholicMatch. “It’s harder to meet people and the importance of religion comes up.” Amy brought a down-to-earth, non-materialistic outlook that appreciated the simple things in life and she and Jeff are building a relationship on this mutual compatibility.

Jeff and Amy both struggle with the idea of starting over. “It’s hard when you’ve been married and you think this is it,” he candidly admitted. But with Amy he’s found a lot of the same qualities that were present in his strong first marriage—complete honesty, strong faith and loyalty to family. “That’s what life’s all about,” Jeff said reflectively. “Family and friends.” Now he and Amy are walking the road together to see if their lives and families will eventually blend as one.



  1. Regina-966307 April 24, 2013 Reply

    This is real , may God fulfil the desires of your hearts. Praying for you.

  2. Esther-532964 April 13, 2013 Reply

    Great Story! Many blessings to the both of you. Please pray for those of us still looking for our match. Thank you, Esther

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