Alex & Julie Are Following the Path God Designed


Alex was frustrated. The source was one that members on CatholicMatch will undoubtedly identify with and it’s the seeming inability to find a good dating companion. He took two steps—the first was that he decided to join CatholicMatch. The other was even more important and came after a short time on this website—he decided to surrender and put God in charge.

“I wasn’t successful finding a woman who would see me for the man I am, rather than the man they wanted me to be,” Alex said recalling his early days as a CatholicMatch member. Two and a half months into his subscription, he was debating throwing in the towel on this online dating idea. Then he spotted something out of the corner of his eye.

“Right before I clicked log out, (I saw) Julie’s picture,” he said. “I stared at it for a few seconds then removed the pointer away from Log Out and clicked on her picture.” Julie’s profile made a deep impression on him. Indeed, the 20-year-old woman from Aurora had just experienced what she described as a “spiritual epiphany” that led her to re-embrace her cradle Catholicism and her new-found passion came across to Alex.

Before the 27-year-old from the Los Angeles area made a move, he said a prayer and offered it for God’s will. His own faith journey had led him to a devotion to St. Joseph, with a special emphasis on Christ’s foster-father’s willing submission to God’s will in all things.

After sending a message, Alex logged off, figuring he wouldn’t hear from her. Instead, she immediately replied. The connection he felt continued through the exchange of messages, and into phone conversations and through Skype. Their communication went on daily for several weeks, and then Alex suggested he make a flight to Chicago so they could meet in person.

“We were both nervous wrecks,” he candidly acknowledged.” I didn’t know how to handle all the feelings of excitement I felt for going on a pilgrimage to see the girl I have been waiting for six years now.” Julie was no less jittery. Three nights before Alex’s flight, they each agreed to pray that the meeting be an opportunity for God’s will to manifest itself.

Alex has creative talent, and Julie is one with a strong desire to learn about other people’s way of doing things. It was appropriate therefore, that he made a symbolic drawing to present to her at the airport. “I felt that God had given me the ability to see her like no other man can. See her for who she is in God’s eyes,” he told CatholicMatch.

The couple had a special weekend, ranging from the fun activities like dancing together, to the daily chores of life, like doing a little grocery shopping. They were both convinced that the connection they felt over e-mail, phone and Skype was even stronger in person. “I asked her to be my girlfriend and she accepted,” Alex said.

Alex and Julie know they are just starting a journey and that God is the ultimate director of where it will all lead. What we do know is that this is a young couple whose priorities are in the right place. They are confident that however the future unfolds it will be a testimony to God’s love for them. They’re relying on the nuts-and-bolts wisdom of Alex’s grandmother, who reminded him that the couple who prays together, stays together.




  1. Marcy-937833 April 30, 2013 Reply

    Indeed, it is a great story. It is so wonderful to hear that you were totally trusting God. May God continue to bless your relationship. As Esther said, “please pray for the rest of us on CM”

  2. Esther-532964 April 27, 2013 Reply

    Great Story! Please pray for the rest of us on CM.

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