Jeffrey & Jessica Traveled The Country Together


Jeffrey came to CatholicMatch with high standards. The 26-year-old was in the Army and had just finished a two-year tour of duty in Korea. But Jessica, two years younger and living near Philadelphia, was no less insistent, when it came to wanting someone who knew something about chivalry and even more about his Catholic faith.

She was a little leery on filling out her profile, openly telling her CatholicMatch suitors that it was not something she was particularly good at, but that “maybe I’ll say something fascinating to charm you.” It worked on Jeffrey.

Jeffrey opened communication, but since he was stationed in Virginia at the time, he felt the 2.5 hour drive distance between them would end up being prohibitive. But when he was on a trip to see a friend and his sister, he called up Jessica to see if she’d like to meet up on his drive back south.

Everything clicked on that first date. “We hung out outside the Starbucks well after closing hours, despite the 2.5 hour drive still ahead of me,” said Jeffrey.

Jeffrey & Jessica have done extensive traveling, including this trip to the Army-Navy game in Philly.

Jeffrey & Jessica at the Army-Navy game in Philly.

Soon Jeffrey was making the drive to Philadelphia on a weekly basis. “We kept seeing each other weekend after weekend,” he told CatholicMatch.  “She is one of the most endearing, loving women I have ever met. She has a great sense of humor, she’s adventurous, she is incredibly intelligent, and very creative.”

A relationship that began almost a year ago, back in May 2012 has seen the young couple travel the United States together. They’ve gone up and down the East Coast, out to St. Louis and as far as Hawaii.

For Jessica “a self-admitted dork” (although given her study of Clinical Neuro-Psychology, some us might just call her extremely smart), it was a welcome opportunity to fulfill a desire to travel more. For Jeffrey, who has already spent seven years growing up in Europe and another in South America, the travel and adventure was par for the course.

Obstacles or not, Jeffrey and Jessica are determined to see their relationship continue to fly high.

Obstacles or not, Jeffrey and Jessica are determined to see their relationship continue to fly high.

This is normally the part in a member story where we get to the engagement and happily ever after. Jeffrey and Jessica will face challenges coming up though. Jeffrey has been deployed to Honduras for the next year and this will involve some lengthy periods of separation.

“Jess is coming to visit next month before we meet again for my twin brother’s wedding in Texas later this summer,” he said.

The good news is that the member stories at CatholicMatch have more than their share of examples of couples who fell in love, were separated by military commitments and allowed that absence to build their connection with each other.

“She is great and we look forward to taking our relationship into the future, despite the difficulties of the military and distance,” Jeffrey told CatholicMatch. “God has truly, and undeservedly, blessed me.”

Although when one considers the sacrifices that Jeffrey, and other military personnel, make for us, I think a lot of us feel it’s we who are undeserving of their commitment.



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    Blessings on you both.
    Appreciate your sharing.

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    Well, Congratulations! and best wishes on your discernment as a couple.

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    Bah! Two and half hours is a mere jaunt in the country.

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    That is awesome story and pray for the best. If you let God guide you and keep yours eye open anything is possible. As always thanks be to GOD!!

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    Cheers for a long and lasting love for both of you! 🙂 I believe in long distance relationship and your story inspires me a lot. May God bless you Jessica and Jeffrey!

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    Jess, happy to read this! Prayers for both of you!

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    looks like this relationship will endure .

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