Nathan Was The Piece That Completed Rose’s Puzzle


Rose joined CatholicMatch and was immediately shocked at what she saw. “Normal, genuinely nice men holding decent conversations,” she said. “I was most taken away with the respectful nature of most of the men…many of them were out of the country or out of my area, but it was good to talk and get used to normalcy again.”

The 32-year-old from the Houston area had been trying to get back into the swing of dating. When she joined CatholicMatch in 2010, Rose had just spent six years focused on career development, rather than dating.

When she returned home she began to think about what she wanted. “All of my high school and college single girlfriends were beginning to get married and start their families,” she said. “I evaluated my life…and many of the good, Catholic men from church were either married or engaged.”

So Rose tried her hand at online dating, both here and elsewhere. One thing she wasn’t looking for was dating someone younger than her, even by a little bit. “I tried in the past,” she told CatholicMatch, “with failed attempts of connection.”

Consequently, 29-year-old Nathan did not show up in her searches, but she showed up in his. And when he contacted her, Rose was intrigued.

Nathan invited Rose to drop by on Thanksgiving night and despite misgivings, she took the plunge.

Nathan invited Rose to drop by on Thanksgiving night and despite misgivings, she took the plunge.

“It seemed like he actually read my profile,” Rose recalled. “And was genuinely interested in me. We chatted for a couple days and then exchanged phone numbers.”

Thanksgiving night 2010 neither one had any family activities going on. They were chatting online, and Nathan —a 45-minute drive away — invited Rose to come on by.

“I was hesitant at first,” she admitted. “But you have to take a plunge and find out if this is real or not.” It turned out, they felt a great connection with each other, and the following evening Nathan invited Rose to join him and his mother for dinner. Rose quickly liked Nathan’s mom and the evening felt like she had known the family for years.

Rose hadn't been looking for someone younger, but Nathan was who she clicked with.

Rose hadn’t been looking for someone younger, but Nathan was who she clicked with.

The fun of Thanksgiving weekend kept rolling on and Saturday marked Nathan and Rose’s first official date at a local Renaissance Festival. The courtship that followed would unfold over two years, but to Rose it felt like lightning speed and felt as though they had been together forever.

By the latter part of 2012 they would be at the same festival grounds, and this time Nathan would be there with an engagement ring.

This past April, Nathan and Rose were married. “I look back on my life prior to Nathan and know that my past self would have not have been ready,” Rose acknowledged. “He was the breeze of fresh air I had been searching for all my life,” Rose said. “My missing piece of life’s puzzle was found.”

And in that sense of now being complete, Nathan and Rose are confident that it was all planned by God, right from the beginning.



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    Very sweet. 🙂 I second Sol’s comments. May you and yours be greatly blessed!

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    Congratulations Rose and Nathan! what a lovely story! God Bless Your Marriage abundantly!

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