As Brian Rebuilt His Life Andrea Entered His Path


Brian came to CatholicMatch with a very cautious approach—indeed, cautious might even be overstating his optimism.

“I am shy when it comes to meeting women,” he candidly told CatholicMatch. “The thought of meeting someone online was unnerving because I had heard of scams and experienced them.”

Even though he didn’t expect a lot, the 49-year-old from southeast Florida still went ahead, doing some local searches and hoping for the best.

A low-key approach fit where he was taking his life anyway.  He’d overcome struggles with depression and was a recovering alcoholic.

Andrea's gentleness, kindness and honesty told Brian she was special.

Andrea’s gentleness, kindness and honesty told Brian she was special.

Brian found his joy in the process of rebuilding his life, and a simple spiritual approach to living. He kept himself in good shape, running marathons and volunteering with a local Catholic outreach group.

Dating after twenty years provided uncertainty, but he was willing to make a go of it—so long as a mature woman was in the picture.

That commitment to a relationship that had real depth was something that persuaded Brian that CatholicMatch might be worth a try. “I tried other sites, but it seemed more casual-oriented,” he recalled.

After Brian’s online searches in Florida didn’t produce a connection, he took a shot at some other southern states. When he tried Tennessee, Andrea popped up.

Brian and Andrea courted for two years, and were married earlier this month.

Brian and Andrea courted for two years, and were married earlier this month.

“Something about her picture and profile sparked interest,” Brian recalled. “We chatted and sent messages, but she was not comfortable with messaging, so she called me.”

That initial contact took place on the Fourth of July in 2010, and a month later Brian and Andrea were getting together face-to-face.

Andrea was easy going and Brian welcomed that difference. “I was used to chaos and conflict,” he admitted. “She was so nice and kind, so very gentle.” The initial physical attraction he felt for Andrea was being joined by a deeper attraction: an appreciation for her more important, interior beauty.

The honesty and trustworthiness Brian saw in Andrea led him to eventually bring her back to the restaurant where they first met, and to propose marriage. Their two-year courtship ended this past month when they were married.



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  1. Becca-711241 June 25, 2013 Reply

    Andrea and I have been fellow church members and came to know each other after my divorce. We encouraged each other throughout our long annulment processes and I was so honored to attend her beautiful wedding ceremony to Brian. They are a great couple and are such an inspiration!

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