Craig Was the Man of Faith Helena was Looking For


Helena was looking for a relationship with depth. Real depth, the kind of which is rooted in faith. One long-distance connection seemed to be promising, but then it turned out that things weren’t as they seemed.

“Seven out of seven doesn’t always say everything,” she said regarding the faith questions that are a part of the CatholicMatch profile. “It is interesting that once you have been through a bad marriage…and come back to the single life again, you see the bright red flags quicker.”

Then Craig came along, and those red flags became green lights, thanks to the depth of his faith. Craig had been through a bad marriage of his own, and was devoted to keeping his mind, heart and soul focused on Christ. Heavily influenced by his reading of Blessed John Paul II’s Theology of the Body, Craig further avoided a lot of television and instead watched videos of the saints and the Blessed Mother.

When Craig and Helena found each other online, they made extensive use of Facetime for video conferencing. They spent what was later calculated as the equivalent of six months of weekend dates getting to know each other through video. More important, they used that time to pray together.

“I joined him in his morning and evening prayer of the Liturgy of the Hours,” 46-year-old Helena told CatholicMatch. When it was time for them to meet face-to-face, it would be an understatement to say a strong foundation had been put in place.

This screenshot of Craig and Helena's video chats (note her in the lower left corner), illustrates the intensity of prayer they bring to their courtship.

This screenshot of Craig and Helena’s video chats (note her in the lower left corner), illustrates the intensity of prayer they bring to their courtship.

Craig, 42-years-old and living in southern Maryland, made the two-plus hour drive to Virginia to see Helena and her boys. “We joined some family friends at a Memorial Day get-together and we felt so natural, like we had known each other for years,” Helena said. She returned the favor with a visit back in his direction, joining Craig at the Sunday Mass where he cantors, and to meet his boys in person.

There is any number of signs that something is meant to be, but one of them is surely God seeming to make everything work out. In that light, Craig and Helena are heartened that not only do their combined four boys all get along, but they have even started to join the Facetime prayer sessions. One of Craig’s sons has already mentioned the priesthood as a possibility.

The process of Craig and Helena’s growth as a couple is still developing, as is the possibility of a merger of their families. Helena will be taking her sons to join Craig and his sons on their Youth Group’s camping trip. This was another little thing that just seemed to work out—even before knowing Craig, Helena had taken that weekend off from work.

Above all, Craig and Helena are committed to their relationship being pure and for the Church. Each has had their previous marriage annulled, so they are free to move forward. In the meantime they are enjoying not just each other’s company and that of their boys, but watching the awesome majesty of God’s plan unfold before their eyes.

Helena said it best: “We can never underestimate what God can do if we keep our focus on Him.”



  1. Helena-990451 August 12, 2013 Reply

    I just wish I was that fortunate to find a holy man,.they are hard to come by.
    All the good ones are already taken.

  2. Helena-961554 July 18, 2013 Reply

    UPDATE: We are now engaged! Wedding set for Dec 31st!

  3. Benecia-578107 July 13, 2013 Reply

    I am impressed with the beautiful story of Craig and Helena..If it’s Gods will that out there (around the world) I will find my match I be happy cause I am not losing hope that I will find or meet him in Catholicmatch.. Wish me LUCK!!!!! God has been good to me………….

  4. Cynthia-983785 July 7, 2013 Reply

    Now how do I find that? 🙂

  5. Craig-940185 June 22, 2013 Reply

    Since I fully turned my heart to God, Helena is the crowning jewel in an endless string of prayers that God has answered for me. Praise God!

    • Helena C. June 25, 2013 Reply

      Aww! Praise God indeed! Shall we continue to update this article as things move along? Needless to say for anyone reading this article and member posts, that if you seek God first, and grow in interior self-knowledge (begging for that gift) God will place before you the one perfectly meant for you. But much patience is required, especially if you have a lot of gunk in that closet. Jesus has to work on you first or the one He is preparing for you or most likely both.

      When you start saying things like “Where have you been all my life?” you know that actually God has been molding you for this event at this moment in time. So relax, pray and get into God. Of course you must continue to plant seeds (say hi to people) but have peace in knowing that God knows who is best for you. If there are too many obstacles and doors keep shutting in your face or certain doors are just not opening, that is the sign to GET OUT. And let God continue to work. Believe me when I say the impossible and miraculous is happening, not just opening doors but I feel like a red carpet is being laid for me to just walk on down step by step. But Remember this: I was divorced 12 years ago. I needed time for growth.

      But once i decided to get my marriage annulled, I was ready. And the same for Craig it took less than 6 months to find each other. I think that was pretty good timing. So Good luck and God bless.. And remember… PRAY.. connect with Our Lord and the Blessed Mother. +JMJ+

  6. Leon-976483 June 18, 2013 Reply

    Truly amazing! God uses ordinary people to do Extraordinary things……
    He always answers prayer! Never fails. His telephone line is never busy!
    Wish U both the very best and u are quite wonderfully blessed people because of your obedience!!!

  7. Helena-961554 June 18, 2013 Reply

    Thanks! I thought a guy like this didn’t exist for me at this stage in my life. I am so ever thankful to God and CatholicMatch for introducing us!
    I also have to correct something on the article: I have 3 boys. With his 2 we have 5 boys altogether and my 1 daughter, makes 6 kids. (daughter in college, eldest boy is a year away)

  8. Hayley-796302 June 18, 2013 Reply

    Amazing story!! The plans of God are way beyond our imagination and thinking indeed!
    Wish u both the very best and God’s abundant blessings!

    • Leon-976483 June 18, 2013 Reply

      I commend u on your inspiring words! How long have u been on Catholic Match? I assumed u are a member? Where do u live? Would u care to correspond? Sorry for so many questions……………………………..


  9. Joseph-579243 June 16, 2013 Reply

    Wish you the very best !!
    God Bless you both !

  10. Eileen-976716 June 15, 2013 Reply

    Beautiful story. Every good wish for your families and blessings galore!

  11. Dora-717709 June 15, 2013 Reply

    awesome story!

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