Libby Ignored Her First Impression And Ended Up With Tim


We’re told that first impressions are everything, from a date to a job interview to something as basic as creating your CatholicMatch profile. But Libby didn’t let the first impression she had of Tim be her last, and because she was willing to peel back the layer, this young couple has found happiness.

It was October 2011 when the two 22-year-olds from St. Paul connected online. They spent a couple weeks chatting, but Libby said candidly that her first impression was “not the best.” She also figured there was nothing to lose when he asked her out. And the second impression was a knockout.

Tim lives an active life, and with his good humor and innocent faith, he won Libby's heart.

Tim lives an active life, and with his good humor and innocent faith, he won Libby’s heart.

“I had the perfect first date, dinner and a play,” she recalled. Libby left that date feeling that Tim was the one she had praying for.

With a maturity beyond her years, Libby had been committed to her faith at a young age and discerned her vocation early on. She believed it was to the married life, but a year before meeting Tim, she got a harsh reminder of the world we live in—her parents’ marriage of 22 years ended in divorce.

Libby persisted though, and while it would be mistake to think she was enthusiastic about online dating, she had the same “why not” approach that would eventually serve her well when Tim asked her out. “My friends wanted to see how it worked and wanted me to find someone,” she said. “I figured it’s safer than meeting someone in a bar and fit in with my busy lifestyle.”

Libby saw in Tim someone she could build a Christ-centered marriage with amidst a culture stacked against them.

Libby saw in Tim someone she could build a Christ-centered marriage with amidst a culture stacked against them.

That busy lifestyle entailed her studies at nearby St. Thomas University. Tim, meanwhile had just wrapped up his Electrician’s degree and was looking for someone to share not only his faith, but who had a good sense of humor. It was Tim’s own good-natured humor that Libby would come to find immensely attractive.

“Tim can put a smile to my face even when I’m trying not to let him,” Libby told CatholicMatch. “He is outstandingly kind and loves me in all my imperfections. Above all, Libby admired that Tim had an almost child-like quality to his faith.

This past January, after dating for more than a year, Tim and Libby were visiting a cousin of his in New York City. They were having breakfast, when Tim returned to his room and came out with a box. He revealed the engagement ring, and asked her to marry him, and with tears of joy she gave him a yes.

“You never know who the Lord is calling you to be with and I am thrilled to be with Tim,” Libby said. They will be married in October 2014, on the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi.



  1. Mark R. June 11, 2013 Reply

    I think she should have kept her mouth shut that her first impression of him was not good. What if it were reversed? What if he said “My first impression of her wasn’t good.” There would be people getting on here saying what a jerk he was. But since it’s the woman who said it, it’s okay!

  2. Jack-752986 June 4, 2013 Reply

    Nice Article. Terrible Headline.

    “Ended Up With” suggests unintended bad outcomes, as in “Smoker John Ended Up With Cancer”.

    Try something like: “Libby Ignored Her First Impression And Discovered Tim” which conveys the notion of new information and revealed riches.

  3. Gary-936836 June 3, 2013 Reply

    Second chances are great! We all need several.

  4. Steven-94269 June 2, 2013 Reply

    We hold first impressions in to high of an area there are so many things you don’t know I am very shy when I meet new people and sometimes that makes me look like I am uninterested in someone when it could be nothing more from the truth.

  5. Maria-515228 June 2, 2013 Reply

    Everyone deserves a second chance. Sometimes we stress about the first date so much that it may hinder ones ability to relax and have fun. I think alot of pressure is placed on men because it’s usually the men who take care of all the details of the date. So we ladies ought to be considerate of their efforts and appreciate the moment.

  6. Steven-958229 June 1, 2013 Reply

    Great store one of problems with the “myth” of “Love at first sight” is that we(myself included) send people to the exit ramp to quickly.

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