Sergio & Liz Filled A Void In Each Other’s Lives


Liz was ready to give up on finding love. It wasn’t necessarily a discouragement with online dating in general or CatholicMatch in particular. The 46-year-old from southern California hadn’t been a part of the site for that long. But sometimes, the prospect of finding lasting love can seem an illusion.

So she did what came naturally for her, and that’s reach out to others. For someone who works in hospice care part-time, compassion is a way of life, and comparatively speaking, it was certainly easier to reach out to new members and welcome them to CatholicMatch. Before she knew it, Sergio had been put in her path.

Liz (at right) welcomed Sergio to meet her daughter.

Liz (at right) has been devoted to her daughter, prayer and her work in hospice care.

Sergio is 56-years-old and had devoted himself to raising his daughters after his first wife passed away ten years ago. But the girls were into their twenties and leaving home.

A void that had always existed in his life was about to open a little wider, and he wanted a special someone to take dancing and to the movies on the weekends.

Sergio and Liz connected online and began a chat that ended up lasting the entire day. “I felt a connection instantly,” Liz recalled. She and Sergio live about a two-hour drive from each other, and they quickly decided to meet halfway that very weekend.

Liz’s first impression of Sergio face-to-face isn’t one she will soon forget. At the meeting place, they had to play phone tag to locate each other. “Then he told me he was looking at me from behind a wall,” Liz recalled. “When I saw him it took my breath away!”

After his daughters moved out, Sergio had a void in his life that Liz filled.

After his daughters moved out, Sergio had a void in his life that Liz filled.

Sergio and Liz had more than surface attraction going for them though. They spent the entire day getting to know each other, and the common bond of faith was shining through the entire time. Liz has a deep prayer life that has given her an appreciation for the simple things in life, and Sergio has a humble, down-to-earth approach that created a natural chemistry between the two.

Liz decided to pay Sergio a visit in his hometown the following weekend, and they knew this was a relationship that needed to be put on “exclusive” status.

“It was the most wonderful time ever,” Liz told CatholicMatch. “He was a complete gentleman and treated me like a queen.” Sergio returned the favor the weekend after and was able to meet Liz’s daughter.

It’s still early in the process of the flush of new love, but both are hopeful that they’ve found the person they will spend the rest of their life with. Time and Divine Providence will determine that.

What we can say for sure is that when two people are as committed to seeking God’s will, and as devoted to others as Sergio and Liz are, only good can be the end result.


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