How Did You Meet?


When I meet a new couple (dating or married), I like to hear the story of how they originally met. Over the years I’ve heard some typical stories—a best friend introduced them or they met at work—but I’ve also heard some really unique and funny stories.

My sister met her husband while playing on a co-ed soccer team. She was playing goalie and made this amazing diving save. My future brother-in-law was playing defense and was so impressed by the save that he decided to ask her out at the end of the game!

Regardless of the circumstances, I love to hear a “how we’ve met story.” And since the boom of online dating, more couples are sharing stories of how they met their spouses online.

I shared a story on my CatholicTV interview about a cadet on a submarine—who was working with mostly men—and a neonatal nurse—who was working with mostly woman—would have never met each other under ordinary circumstances, but through the benefits of online dating they met and were married last year.

In fact, according to a recent study, online dating has become the second most common way for couples to meet, lagging only behind meeting through friends.

If you love a “how we’ve met story,” then you’ll love to hear from the hundreds of couples who have shared their member story on the CatholicMatch blog. Although all of couples have met in the same way, it is exciting to hear the description of how their relationship developed and flourished.

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