Love at First Profile Encounter


Jon was trying to break a negative cycle when it came to dating relationships. He’d had a string of bad ones, and decided to go back to basics. “(I) thought maybe I needed to look for a woman that shared my moral views,” said the 26-year-old practicing Catholic from Toronto.

Jackie was the first person Jon contacted on CatholicMatch back in 2009, but we should not presume this means it was love at first sight—or love at first profile encounter, as the case may be. The first year after they connected online was made up of casual emails and a short date at a museum. They weren’t a “couple,” but they were good friends.

The distance was a key factor in giving both of them pause. Though 27-year-old Jackie also lives in Ontario, she is in Windsor, which is nearly 400 kilometers (about 250 miles) from Toronto. But in August 2010, they decided to give it a go.

“We overcame the distance by talking every single night for ten months,” Jon told CatholicMatch. In this time frame, Jon came to learn that Jackie was, in his words, “exactly to every detail” the kind of woman he had been looking for.

Jon & Jackie share a fun-loving sense of adventure in addition to their shared faith.

Jon & Jackie share a fun-loving sense of adventure in addition to their shared faith.

It started with her faith. Even though Jon was educated in Catholic schools, he was impressed by the fact Jackie could teach him things he did not know, and he felt his faith deepening because of her presence in his life. Both are devoted to attending Mass in the Tridentine rite, giving them a further shared bond.

Furthermore, family is important to both, and it impressed Jon to see how much Jackie cared for her entire extended family, down to her grandparents, aunts and uncles, along with her parents and siblings.

With life’s most important values in common, John and Jackie had a strong foundation to learn that they also knew have to fun together. They share an array of common interests, from being adventurous to enjoying the outdoors. They also enjoy old 1920s movies with Charlie Chaplin and listening to music.

The arrival of Jon & Jackie's first child is imminent.

The arrival of Jon & Jackie’s first child is imminent.

Jackie’s sense of humor was the icing on the cake, going all the way back to the couple’s first casual museum date. She told John a story about playing a practical joke on her father that involved teeing up an exploding golf ball for him when they were on the links together. “I knew we would get along great, since I share her practical joke kind of humor,” he said.

It was June 2011, nearly two years after they first connected online and ten months after they began to date, that Jon proposed marriage and Jackie said yes. One year later they were married in a majestic Latin rite ceremony, and went on a honeymoon to British Columbia. Now, here in the summer of 2013, the birth of their first child is right around the corner.

Jon and Jackie are the complete package—faith-filled, devoted to family and plenty of common interests to share. Jon’s “exactly to every detail” sense about Jackie early on proved to be right.

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    Congratulations & many more blessings to come from God 🙂

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    god bless always. i am in search of my significant other as well

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    Cheers! Congratulations! May God bless you both and your baby. 🙂

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    Congratulations to you both, wish I could meet a nice girl

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    Wonderful CM story! That’s the kind of relationship I hope to find some day. Many Blessing to the both of you!

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      I wish that I the same happen to me someday. Congratulations!!!!!!!

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    Love it. Congratulations to the couple and God bless their baby.

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    Congratulations and many blessings to the lovely couple! So wonderful to hear a Canadian success story on CM!

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