Rebecca Was The Perfect Woman For John


John had high standards when he came to CatholicMatch. But he didn’t make the mistake of turning high standards into completely unrealistic ones.

In his own words, he wasn’t looking for someone who was perfect, but one who was perfect for him.

The core component of the perfect match started with a strong grounding in Faith. John wanted someone who would be comfortable not simply marrying in the Church, and not just attending Mass with him, but his children as well. “It didn’t take me long to find the woman I was looking for,” he recalled. “She (Rebecca) met my criteria perfectly.”

Distance was no small factor in John and Rebecca’s decision to pursue a relationship. She is from Wisconsin, while John lives in South Carolina, where he works full time in radiology. Still, after he had gotten to know Rebecca through messages, he decided to take a chance and offer her his phone number. He wasn’t expecting what happened next.

“I was sitting at home relaxing after a very long week at work,” he told CatholicMatch. “I received a phone call from an unknown number…and to my astonishment it was Rebecca. We talked for a good while and ever since that first phone call, we have been talking every day.”

John and Rebecca spent the better part of two months talking, when they finally reached the point where cross-country communication alone wasn’t going to cut it. He got on a plane to Wisconsin and his ensuing visit left both of them more deeply in love than when he’d arrived. She made a return visit to South Carolina so she could get to know John’s family.

The couple’s shared foundation of faith continued to grow into something special, and John and Rebecca are engaged to be married this coming September. “Everything has fallen into place according to God’s will,” John said gratefully. “I have finally found a very good woman.”

Indeed he has. She might not have been perfect, but she was perfect for him.



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  2. Ana-829195 July 6, 2013 Reply

    God bless you two for always.

  3. Rob-986408 July 5, 2013 Reply

    God bless, congratulations, amen.

  4. Jeannie-822585 July 5, 2013 Reply

    Let’s not forget that he is not perfect, but perfect for her!

  5. Bertha-811213 July 5, 2013 Reply

    Fran, anyone who gets an annulment can get remarried after said person is divorced.

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    Is allowed to get married after be divorced?

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    I love it the love histories… many, many blessings for all.
    Bye 🙂

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    My congratulations to the couple! May God bless you on your new journey together! This article gives me a much needed hope

  9. Kathryn-872445 July 3, 2013 Reply

    I love it when a thing works out! Congratulations and God Bless!

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