Two Couples Demonstrate How God Offers Second Chances


When a person lives through a marriage ending, through the divorce and subsequent annulment process, it can seem like there is no hope of ever finding love again. The stories of two couples, in different parts of the country, are just the latest testimony to the hope that lies at the end of the rainbow.

Kevin and Carol (shown in the photo above) live in Wyoming, and never lost faith that God had a plan for them, and they persisted in following their individual paths. Carol, 47-years-old, saw in CatholicMatch, a forum where she could at least connect with like-minded single people.

She got much more than that. Carol connected with 56-year-old Kevin and this past March they were married. “We are thankful for the opportunity to witness God’s glory in marriage as our lives become one,” a grateful Carol told CatholicMatch.

Sue was a devout Catholic living just north of Baltimore. The 51-year-old woman works for her local parish and had been seeing her therapist in an effort to rebuild her life after an unwanted divorce, and the annulment of the marriage. “She asked me what was most important,” Sue said recalling a discussion about her romantic future. “I said Catholic. She told me to try CatholicMatch.”

One of the things about getting a second chance at love, is that one’s first chance likely took place before the advent of online dating. “It took me about two weeks to get up the nerve,” Sue recalled. “It was intimidating. It’s been 30 years since I’ve dated and it’s very different.”

Sue’s initial efforts on CatholicMatch didn’t bring success and she briefly left the site. When she returned, a design change had taken place that temporarily confused her. It was that confusion that ironically brought her the hoped-for second chance.

“A series of photos was on the home page,” she said. “I intended to click on the first, but ended up accidentally clicking on another one. Since they get a notification if you see the photo, you may as well look.”

The photo was of a man dressed in Civil War clothing. Tony lived in eastern Pennsylvania, not more than an hour’s drive from Sue, where he was a purchasing agent by day and a Civil War re-enactment buff on the side. He also liked country music and gardening, something Sue shared in common and she wrote him on those two points.

“I found out he had a rich and delicious garden,” Sue recalled. But more than that, she found out that Tony had a rich Catholic faith. “He’s 7-for-7,” she said referring to the seven points of Catholic doctrine and morality listed on the profile. “That’s what he truly is and that’s very honorable. I could live my faith and not feel pressured.”

Tony and Sue met just prior to Memorial Day 2012 and this past New Year’s Eve they were engaged to be married.

The road back after divorce is a hard one, one Sue vividly described. “The struggle was the loneliness,” she said candidly. “The holidays are so lonely. Not having someone to snuggle with on the couch.”

Now Kevin and Carol, and Sue and Tony have found each other. They have demonstrated second chances exist, but even more than that, they have demonstrated that one can be true to one’s faith and God’s design and it will happen.

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  1. Mura-981215 July 28, 2013 Reply

    I wish u all very best of God favours blessing n breakthrough .Also wish myself soon a Chirst like partner with fair of God stay bless in Jesuse name .

  2. Suzanne-10056 July 23, 2013 Reply

    What a great encouragement ! I have never given up hope of finding true love and a happy holy marriage with a wonderful Catholic man. I ready to give my all when God calls! Thanks for the hopeful article!!

  3. Caroline-930073 July 23, 2013 Reply

    Very hopeful – it’s difficult to have discerned the call to married life for a second time, to be absolutely certain of it, and to still be waiting. Mary, Mother of God, pray for us!
    I’m praying the St. Anne novena too! I believe that maybe I am indeed ready, but perhaps God is still working on my future husband, and when the time is right according to God’s calendar, we will meet.
    God bless your search!

  4. Michelle-640571 July 22, 2013 Reply

    Great article to give me hope! I’ve met some great people through Catholic Match, and I’m grateful God has given us the gift of this website and each other!

    As Sue in this article, I am rebuilding. Having children gives me an anchor, but sooner than I know there will be no one at home…. I am building myself for those days, and those when my days are not so readily filled to bring myself to heaven in sacrifice and love for them. I pray that God has someone planned for me! I do want love in Christ with a man I can enjoy the Sacrament as designed.

    I am praying the St. Anne novena for all!

    Blessings Always!

  5. Michael-780154 July 21, 2013 Reply

    Wow, what a great article! It is indeed encouraging for those of us who have survived divorce and been granted an annulment. And, there are such GREAT people out there, as I have found after recently meeting a CatholicMatch member in person (the first one I have met in person since becoming a member.)

    Very nice to come across this blog entry and to see that other divorced/annulled people are having success. Life is good and happy. 🙂 We all want love and to experience the closest thing to God’s love that two people can give to each other.

  6. Maria-930320 July 21, 2013 Reply

    nice article, thanks

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