Dating Someone With God in Mind


Dave and Natalee were both open to online dating, but the results they were getting were discouraging. “We had been pretty disheartened by the big-name sites,” 56-year-old Natalee told CatholicMatch. “I saw the CatholicMatch advertisement in my Church bulletin and signed up that day.” As luck—or Divine Providence—would have it, 57-year-old Dave was having that same inspiration around the same time.Catholic singles

The couple lives about an hour apart in the general Boston area, and after finding each other online, they spent six weeks keeping communication to messages and chatting. What they were finding out is that they had a spiritual connection, right down to often having the same thing on their minds on a given day.

It was that kind of faith connection that they weren’t finding on “the big-name sites.” Dave had spent 20 years apart from the Church before returning in the mid-1990s. His previous marriage annulled, he wondered openly what he had been thinking. “The fullness of God’s truth was always right in front of me”, his profile told the CatholicMatch audience, and he brought those values to his interactions with Natalee.

She immediately noticed the world of difference between dating someone, and dating someone with God in mind.

Dave's deep faith and spiritual life made him immensely attractive to Natalee.

Dave’s deep faith and spiritual life made him immensely attractive to Natalee.

They decided to get together for coffee and the connection between the two of them reached another level. “It was the best cup of coffee I have ever had,” Natalee said, not referring to the quality of the grounds or the aroma from the cup. “We connected with our heart, beliefs and spirit.”

Dave and Natalee have been together for nearly five months now, and they are still letting the process unfold and seeing where God is ultimately taking them. They are both convinced they’ve found someone special.

“I believe I have found my soulmate and he’s so much more…because he believes as I do,” Natalee said. “It is an unbelievable experience and I am ever so grateful that CatholicMatch brought us together.”

Of course CatholicMatch was just the venue. Dave and Natalee put themselves out there, took the necessary chances and followed every opportunity through in order to make it happen.

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  1. Gicima-945971 August 13, 2013 Reply

    Hello every!
    I really believed dating someone w/God in mind is absolutely the way to found love and happiness. I am a religious lady, I always asked my lord to find me my soul mate. I was married very young age,We’ve love each other at the beginning,have 2 bright children. Than one day love is gone, I been looking for a right fits for me since, I trust my lord will delivered the right man at my door. I wish to meets a religious man,who is ready to know what he wants, I have been lonely for so long. Am ready to make a commitment to the right person,with God in mind.


  2. Michael-1806 August 8, 2013 Reply

    Amen! Dating someone with God in mind is absolutely the right way to go. Our faith–central to our lives–is a relationship that we (hopefully) nurture, actively participate in and truly love. How wonderful when we find someone who esteems the faith, sacraments, teachings and values of the Church. Recently experiencing the gift, I can attest that the sharing is brought to a whole new level–a higher love for sure!

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