Finding “More” in a Relationship


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Ryan and Kate were looking for something more. Both felt their previous relationships had lacked a depth necessary to make them long-lasting, so perhaps it’s appropriate that both were in church when they first heard about CatholicMatch.

It was October of 2009 when Kate, then 31-years-old and living in the Chicago area heard about CatholicMatch through a friend at her local parish. Ryan, two years younger and living 90 miles north in Milwaukee was at Mass with his mother, when she pointed out the CatholicMatch ad in the church bulletin. In December 2009, Ryan joined the site.

Shortly before Christmas, Ryan and Kate found each other online and began an online chat while they were at work. “It turns out we talked the whole afternoon without getting much work done,” Ryan recalled. Kate was getting ready to travel to California and visit family, and they continued the conversation on her cab ride to the airport, after she gave Ryan her number.

Ryan and Kate each wanted more than what they'd been getting and found that depth in each other.

Ryan and Kate each wanted more than what they’d been getting and found that depth in each other.

The couple already lived in reasonable driving distance, and there were further geographic connections. Kate’s hometown is just west of Milwaukee and she discovered Ryan after expanding her search area to reach back home. After she returned from California, she and Ryan got together in the Windy City for their first date.

“We knew there was something more,” Ryan said, recalling how they both felt after that first date. They decided to put forth the effort to build a relationship, which entailed her taking the train north to visit him, and he making frequent drives down I-94 to see his new love.

Kate took a job transfer to pursue her growing relationship with Ryan.

Kate took a job transfer to pursue her growing relationship with Ryan.

Then they got a break. Kate’s company had an employment opportunity back in her original hometown. She asked for the job and got it, choosing to move back north and further her relationship with Ryan.

What transpired was that the couple grew increasingly certain that they’d found the “more” they were looking for. “Throughout the next 14 months our relationship deepened through shared faith and values,” Ryan told CatholicMatch.

He would eventually call her father, now in California, to ask for Kate’s hand in marriage. When he got the go-ahead, no time was wasted. Ryan proposed to Kate that very night and she accepted. After a 10-month engagement they were wed and settling into their happily ever after in the Milwaukee area.


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