6 Tips to Handle an Antagonistic Ex-Spouse


It takes a special person to be charitable and generous to their ex-spouse after divorce and most people are not that special person. Anyone who has been unjustly wronged, lied to, cheated on, left penniless, and abandoned with children to raise has the right—in fact some might say the duty—to be as unmerciful and unforgiving toward their ex-spouse as they feel is deserved.

Well, at least, that’s what most people today would want you to think. And that’s because it’s exactly how they treat the people in their lives who have hurt them.

But, it’s hard to be charitable to someone who has devastated your life. I know in my own divorce experience, there were times when my bitterness won out and my angry behavior just made things worse. It made me feel absolutely horrible about what I had done or said. No one should live that way, it’s a miserable existence. No wonder we have such high crime, road rage, and broken families. People get hurt and their response is to attack like a spitting, hissing venomous snake.

But it’s not the way we should treat others, including those who have hurt us. We know that, as Christians, we are called to love everyone, even our enemies (Matthew 5: 43-45). But how, in the face of gratuitously shameful behavior, do you treat that person with a shred of decency without your head exploding? Here are six helpful tips to help you handle a difficult ex-spouse.

1. Pray for their salvation: First, remember that “love” does not mean gushing emotion. You are not called to treat your ex-spouse the way two people falling in love treat each other. You don’t even have to like the person. One of the best ways to follow Christ’s command to love your enemies is to pray for their salvation.

2. Speak charitably: Another way you can be faithful to Christ’s call, is by keeping your temper in check when your ex-spouse is antagonizing you, or choosing not to say unkind words, even when you feel they are deserved. Choosing to avoid the temptation to speak uncharitably about your ex-spouse in front of your children or other people listening is an especially excellent way to love your enemy.

3. Trust God: Be assured that Satan is not in favor of this idea at all, and will do whatever he can to get you to fail this challenge and feel bad about yourself. Place your trust in God’s grace, for He will strengthen you so you can win these little battles that often times, only He sees. And those often turn out to be the most important battles of all. It’s like crushing the serpent’s head every time you do the right thing.

4. Fight the good fight: In 1 Timothy 6:12, St. Paul exhorts us to be contrary to the way of the world and fight the good fight:

Fight the good fight of faith; take hold of the eternal life to which you were called, and you made the good confession in the presence of many witnesses.

The one thing that helped me the most as I made the conscious decision to be contrary to society and not give in to my anger when it came to my ex-spouse was to slice my way through all the garbage, all the emotion and get to the root of the issue which was the salvation of his soul. I wanted everyone to get to heaven, even him. So that became my bottom line. I prayed for God’s grace to fight the good fight and pray for his soul. (And who knows, he might have just been praying for me at the same time…)

5. Forgive yourself: If you’re struggling with this situation in your own life and this idea seems impossible to you, don’t be too hard on yourself if you’re still not even close to being halfway ready to be thinking about possibly praying for your ex-spouse. It’s okay. Just make a mental note that this is your goal. And then, pray for the grace to find it in your heart to pray for your ex-spouse. God knows how to melt your heart.

6. Smile: And if you need extra encouragement, just remember that every time you make the decision to be charitable to your ex-spouse, put a smile on your face instead of complaining about the suffering, or say a prayer for strength instead of giving in to temptation, you crush the serpent’s head.

You are winning small, but important battles in the war over your soul.

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  1. Raquel-1135640 September 27, 2014 Reply

    i am just new to this site and im glad i found the real Godly site. My ex-spouse (we’re not actually married in church and i thought all the while that my civil wedding with him was legal only to find out later that he already married another woman 6 years before we married) belong to a different religion at first, he was a member of the United Church of Christ and in 2007, he joined another religious sect. That starts my ordeal…..he started to become antagonistic with my faith like when i come home from attending sunday mass, he would call me “here’s the devil” referring to me as the devil. I just ignored him hoping to save our union and until the time come that he had to eject my sons for not joining him in his religion. It was really like my heart torn apart watching my young sons leaving our house because their father cannot allow them to live in the house. I kept on crying that day keeping all my sons belongings and hoping against hope my ex would pacify me and help me have my two sons back but so rude of him that he shouted at me, telling me to “leave the house and join my two devil sons..”i immediately packed my things and taking also my sons personal things, i left the house immediately…That was two years ago and until now, i am living with my youngest son for the elder kid is on his own finding for his greener pasture since he already graduated from college. My family were very supportive with us and never abandoned us while my friends come to me comforting me, and everything just worked out for us and get moving on with our lives. Now, i have no more regrets why i have made that hardest decision in life. I have ample time now spending days with the Lord, i often hear mass almost everyday, for i know no one will ever harass me from exercising my right to practice what i believe can give us glory in the life after death. And what is more important to me now, is that after having confessed to our parish priest, i gained absolution of my mortal sin (imagine i have not been receiving the Holy Eucharist for more than ten years because of my status while still living in without receiving the sacrament of Matrimony)..now, i have peace and never failed to receive the body of Christ which really uplifted my spirit and filled me with graces….i also keep praying for the conversion of my ex and my eldest daughter who joined him through doing my daily rosary prayer….and i know God will never fail me….

  2. Duke-1005518 September 2, 2013 Reply

    God help us all; even her.

  3. Maggie-965351 August 17, 2013 Reply

    This is a fantastic article! I have struggled with this myself. When in a position where I am speaking with my ex-spouse,I always recall how my actions toward him will demonstrate to our child how Jesus would want us to react, by showing compassion and caring.

  4. Anthony-931830 August 15, 2013 Reply

    I think the novena for Our lady undoer of knots is an excellent prayer to help people with the “knots” in their lives. This novena is a favourite of Pope Francis too.

    • Debbie-514749 August 18, 2013 Reply

      I agree…. I have said this prayer countless times… for myself, my ex, for each family member, friends, & now for the people I meet here on CM & the people they are involved with. I can’t say enough about it. It has brought such peace…

      I don’t like saying the rosary or novenas, so it’s a real sacrifice to do this. Sometimes Our Lord allows me to see the fruits, sometimes not. But again & again I find knots unraveling in my own life, even while saying it for another… God is so very good!

  5. Jeffrey-976998 August 15, 2013 Reply

    This can be a really long process, but it helps if you set specific prayers that you agree to say every day, regardless of how you feel. I found three Hail Marys every day specifically for the ex to be a good place to start. If you can get to a point of fasting one day a month or week for them, you’ll find that to be very beneficial.

    It also helps to remember that their soul is likely in grave danger. It’s a good thing to allow yourself to feel sorry for them by realizing that they are actually enslaved. Don’t forget who the real enemy is. Hate the grifter, not the chump.

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