Patience In Prayer Is Eventually Rewarded


Perhaps nothing is more challenging in living a life of Catholic spirituality than developing patience and a trust that God’s timing is better than our own. Two couples who met on CatholicMatch are the latest examples of God providing when the time is right.

Katherine (shown in the photo above with David) never really believed she would find what she was looking for. But at the very least she knew what she wanted, and that was someone to share a common faith foundation.

The 43-year-old from Minneapolis eventually connected with David, who then lived in Kansas. David, also 43-years-old, had done both the corporal and spiritual works of mercy in volunteering with the homeless. When he got a job transfer to the Twin Cities area, it seemed like everything was going in David and Katherine’s direction.

Just like that though, he ended up transferred back a couple months later. “That was extremely difficult, being 500 miles away,” Katherine recalled. “I have never done a long distance relationship before…but if you really love that person it can work and will work.”

The relationship grew stronger with the challenges, and eventually David made the decision to relocate back near Katherine. It’s been over two years since they first connected, and while the future direction is not yet determined, God has put them in a good place to work it out together.

God Exceeded My Wish

Jessica had gone through her own trials. She was 36-years-old and had already seen her first marriage end in divorce. She went through the annulment process, obtained a decree of nullity and prayed that God would bring a good Catholic man into her life.

“(Someone) that upholds the teachings of the Church and that could hold me accountable to these values,” Jessica said, recalling her wish. “God exceeded my wish…”

She met Matt, who is six years older and living less than a half-hour’s drive away. Jessica described him as kind, thoughtful, faithful to the Church and handsome to boot. “Matthew is the whole package and then some.”

Here too, the relationship’s final shape is undecided, but whether it’s Matt and Jessica, or Katherine and David, the proof that God eventually answers prayers and starts you down the path He’s prepared is there in abundance.



  1. Letty-849746 October 20, 2016 Reply

    When prayer seems not working …God is just so wise to wake you up through reading beautiful stories of Love….as I am still praying for mine I thank God for this great example of hope… In God I put my trust.
    God bless all the couples who finally found there soulmate and gift from God!

  2. Michele-1235336 September 11, 2015 Reply

    Kate, congratulations to you and David!! I hope all good and beautiful things for you both!! So good to know that God is taking care of you and that you are well. Thank you for sharing your story! Blessings! Michele

  3. Donald-347054 August 19, 2013 Reply

    Wonderful stories, that’s why nobody should sell themselves short when deciding whether or not to pursue a long distance relationship. Is it possible to put a price tag on finding true love”Life is too short not to take chances… as the old cliche goes “what do you have to lose”

  4. Colleen-329593 August 18, 2013 Reply

    Beautiful stories…..having patience is hard. I have been divorced for seven years and have been annulled for 5 and still waiting to find that “good catholic guy”. All in God’s time……

  5. Carol-799486 August 18, 2013 Reply

    God hands move in a strange and mysterious way; we can not question his divine wisdom. All we have to do is to trust in his intricate weaving and believing that in his perfect appointed time his weaving will get revealed to us. Patience and trust is a must have in every heart’s that yearns to be loved and love in return.
    You have a nice story here. A story that showed how God moved his right hand and made all things possible when it seem deem impossible for man to even fathom how? That is how good our God is. He is simply so amazing beyond our human comprehension.

  6. Kathy-730470 August 17, 2013 Reply

    Beautiful stories about the power of prayer !! Yes prayers are always answered in God’s perfect timing not ours and they are answered in a way that is best for us. 🙂

    • Betty-475558 August 17, 2013 Reply

      These stories are great reminders that we should keep hoping in the Lord and praying to Him for our holy desires of the heart, even when we get frustrated and feel like giving up. And I agree with Kathy who said that “prayers are always answered in God’s perfect timing, not ours, and they are answered in a way that is best for us.” May God grant His peace to all on CM who are prayerfully waiting to meet their future spouse.

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