Young Love Takes Flight For Two Couples


Two couples, both experiencing the flush of young love in their twenties, were able to connect on CatholicMatch and started laying the groundwork for what they hope will be even bigger things to come. Both Tom and Krista (featured in the photo on the right) and Jennifer and William have seen their relationships get off to a rolling start.Catholic singles

Jennifer, 27-years-old and living in the Columbus area in Ohio, had just come off a bad relationship, and was hoping to start somewhere fresh. She decided to sign up from CatholicMatch, and connected with William. He’s a year younger and also lives in Columbus.

Even though they were local, William and Jennifer kept their communication online through the CatholicMatch system for a couple weeks, until William asked her out. “We have been together ever since,” Jennifer said. “He has a sense of humor like nobody else.”

She further values William’s gentlemanly comportment and the obvious respect he has for women. “I enjoy being with him every weekend,” she said. “We always find stuff to do.”

Tom and Krista are up in New England, in the area of Massachusetts capital, Springfield. 22-year-old Tom felt the connection with Krista as soon as he viewed her profile and sent an emotigram wink. He got a wink in return, and that led to online chats.

The online chats led to a date at a local mall, and the result was electric. “I suppose the cliché phrase ‘love at first sight’ applies to our situation,” Tom said. They have put forth the time in getting to know each other, both at home and through doing some traveling.

“We have spent up to ten hours (a day) together,” he told CatholicMatch. “We have gone on trips to various parts of New England, and cooked dinner for one another.”

Not only is the journey far from over for both William and Jennifer, and Tom and Krista, it has in fact barely begun. They are using the time they have to continue to grow in the knowledge and understanding of each other, and hopeful that perhaps even greater romantic successes will be a part of the story in the near future.


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