God’s Power Triumphed Over A Power Outage


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It was October of 2011, and Kevin and Jillian were all set for their first date. The couple from the Detroit suburbs had been communicating on CatholicMatch for a few months and were looking forward to finally seeing each other in person at a coffee shop near Jillian’s home.

Then the power went out in Jillian’s neighborhood. On the date she’d been looking forward to … and she was unable to blow dry her hair. The 36-year-old took the straightforward approach—she told Kevin that she’d love to meet him, but to be aware of her situation.

Kevin & Jillian built their relationship on down-to-earth values and simplicity.

Kevin & Jillian built their relationship on down-to-earth values and simplicity.

“He still wanted to meet with me,” Jillian told CatholicMatch. “And I was very willing to still meet him. It all turned out well that evening and we didn’t want to go home.” Finally, the fact they both had to work the next day, got them out of the coffee shop.

The road to the coffee shop had gone through its share of detours for Jillian. She’d had several dates and online chats that just didn’t work out. What she always relied on for guidance in her life choices, was her Catholic faith and one of the things she wanted was a man who wasn’t materialistic and would appreciate her for who she was. Everything about that first date suggested to her Kevin was that man.

“We said our goodbyes and tried to see each other as much as possible,” Jillian recalled. “We got serious with each other right away.” After a year of spending time with each other and growing in the knowledge of each other, they were back at the same area of their first date—this time in a park, not a coffee shop. It was the night of October 16 when Kevin proposed and Jillian accepted.

Kevin & Jillian will be married this coming Saturday.

Kevin & Jillian will be married this coming Saturday.

Kevin and Jillian are going to be married this coming Saturday, September 14. It will be a small wedding at a nearby chapel. They both want to keep things on a smaller scale and down to earth. “We want the day to be based on God and our love,” Jillian said. “Not all the hoopla that most weddings have nowadays.”

The power may have gone out in Detroit on an October evening in 2011, but on that same night, the light of Divine Providence was shining in the lives of Kevin and Jillian.


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    Just stumbled across this story. I hope you are enjoying married life and God blesses you with many love filled years together. 🙂

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    Congratulations and God Bless!

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    God bless your marriage.

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    Abundant nuptial blessings!

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    Best wishes for your upcoming wedding! God bless.

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