You Don’t Have to Know Online Dating to Find Your Spouse


Paul had joined CatholicMatch, but as he created his profile, he felt, in his words “foolishly ignorant.” He had no idea how dating sites worked, and admitted to some early foolishness in sending out his phone number and email address in opening messages.

He got some assistance from the customer service staff at CatholicMatch, and would later say that following the advice he was given worked wonders. “They told me to go slow,” he recalled. “Introduce yourself and establish proper contact.”

Paul would further learn that it’s a good idea to refer to someone’s profile. For some members on CatholicMatch, this all seems like second nature. When you feel adrift in a foreign world of online dating, there is no such thing as second nature. That’s where the 52-year-old Paul was.

Paul and Beatrice were admittedly at sea when it came to online dating, but it didn't stop them from finding each other.

Paul and Beatrice were admittedly unsure about online dating, but it didn’t stop them from finding each other.

In that regard, he was no different than Beatrice. She had her own discomfort with the entire concept of online dating. When Paul found her profile, he had gotten comfortable with sound online dating practices and would later call the process “an interesting discovery.”

“Once I knew what and who I was looking for, elimination and choice became easy,” Paul said. After he found Beatrice, there was a natural click in their messages. “From the beginning we enjoyed our communication,” he told CatholicMatch. “And it became that we were talking, even before meeting in person, as if we had known each other for years.”

It became an easy decision to get together face-to-face, and the natural “click” reached a new level once they were connected in the real world. As they got to know each other over a two-month period, they realized some important things.

“We realized it was important to be absolutely respectful and humble,” Paul said. “Secondly, make sure that in all we do, talk ,share, plan, and be joyous.” Indeed, the combination of humility, respect, communication and sharing joy would be a Grand Slam foursome if there ever was one.

Paul and Beatrice didn’t waste any time in making their decisions, and after two months they became engaged. Today they are married and settled into a new life together. They might not have been at home with online dating, but they understood universal virtues like prudence and charity, and because of that were going to find happiness.

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  1. Denise-714975 July 15, 2013 Reply

    I do love the story but there are some people on this site that it seems things are great and may be have a disagreement once a month but minor. Then one night this person is disrespecting you and macking you. I know I’m not perfect but I now I realized that this man I met on here is not the man God had in mind for me. It does hurt still. So, I decided to just look for friends only. I’m sure if mr. right is a round, God will have this man present himself. I’m still keeping faith with Catholicmatch.

  2. Paea-987652 July 15, 2013 Reply

    I do love this CatholicMatch dating side for so many personal reason especially when I came across the part of compared a different personalities. I am struggle so much in my past relationships.I try to study and learn what went wrong and try to learn from it to do better in order to build a strong foundation with each other and with God as well.

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