Does Being Catholic Make You More Attractive?


Over the past few weeks, we’ve been talking about how you can make yourself as attractive as possible to the opposite sex so let’s discuss another tip, being devoted. An attractive person is devoted to his faith.

Many years ago, about three years after my divorce, I was lost in a sea of cultural Catholics. My roommate was Catholic, my co-workers were Catholic, my friends were all Catholics, but no one ever practiced their faith. None of them attended Mass on Sundays. None of them read the bible or any Catholic books. No one was interested in talking about being Catholic. But then came the day I ran into some different Catholics. They attended Mass regularly, went to confession and Eucharistic adoration and I kept having to pinch myself to make sure it was all real. I was thrilled and taken in by these Catholics who loved their faith and weren’t afraid to live it! Their example and level of devotion made me a better Catholic and gave me hope that I would eventually meet and marry someone like them.

A person who has such great faith and dedication to it is extremely attractive, primarily because their devotion is accompanied by the practice of virtue. A person who is charitable, humble, happy ranks at the top of the “attractive” list. So, if you’re wishy washy about Catholicism, if you have unresolved issues with the Church, work it all out now, before you get into a relationship. All you have to do is some homework and pray for the Holy Spirit to guide you.

Why is this important? Because big disagreements about the faith can lead to future marital discontent. Some couples approach their faith as if they are rooting for some sports team… Go, Catholics! Go, Baptists! But when times get hard, friendly loyalty is not something that will support you like a solid faith shared between spouses. No, it’s got to mean more than that, especially in a marriage. Some couples make having different faiths or differences in the same faith work, but it’s not the norm. Conflict arises and so do feelings of guilt and resentment. And unfortunately, it sometimes means that one spouse ends up leaving their faith to suit the other.

If you need help in resolving issues, there are literally thousands of excellent places to find your answers. There are lists of outstanding books, websites that offer videos, podcasts and articles, adult enrichment groups at parishes, etc. but if you’re in need of an answer fast, there are some great radio shows you can listen to, call in to and receive reliable answers to questions about the faith. Here are just a few of them:

“Catholic Answers Live” with Patrick Coffin
“Right Here, Right Now” with Patrick Madrid
“On Call” With Wendy Wiese 
EWTN “Open Line”

These are all live call-in shows with hosts and guests to answer your questions and all shows air Monday through Friday each week. You can also find most of these as podcasts at iTunes. But the best thing about these shows and their hosts, is their goal is to help you clear up any confusion or misunderstandings and help you become more devoted, more in love with your faith.

So if you’re really not sure you believe in the infallibility of the pope, talk about it with someone who can intelligently discuss it with you. If you believe the Church’s stance on sex outside of marriage or contraception is out-dated and unfair, call in to a radio show and voice your opinion, make an appointment with your priest, seek out a website or pick up a book, but don’t let your hang-ups about the faith stand in the way of you meeting someone special who is a devoted, attractive, available single.

If you would like a comprehensive list of shows, websites, and materials I recommend, just send me a request to receive it at and I’ll be happy to send it to you.



  1. Gary-936836 October 23, 2013 Reply

    Yes; being Catholic makes me at least 30% more attractive.

  2. Emmett-1008976 October 22, 2013 Reply

    I think purity is a universally recognised attribute to one’s beauty.

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