CatholicMom Shares Why She Loves CatholicMatch


Laura Pearl, author of the book Finding Grace is a Catholic mom who loves She recently shared this story with us:

“Our oldest son met his wife on (read the member story here). They are absolutely perfect for each other, and now they have children of their own. This son has four younger brothers who used to say, “I’ll never try online dating,” but two of them have met this past year on CatholicMatch. When our son called to tell us he’d met someone, he joked, “I went on the family website.”

The thing that’s so wonderful about meeting someone on CatholicMatch is that right off the bat, you know you’re dealing with people whose faith is important to them. But you can also pre-screen potential dates to find people who really share the same beliefs that you have. When our firstborn first told us he’d met a girl online, my husband and I were slightly apprehensive. But now, we see CatholicMatch as a great tool for fixing up like-minded young people.”

Laura Pearl shares the family story over at

“Our oldest son, who was stationed down South in the Army and not having any luck meeting the kind of girl he was looking for, decided to try when he was 24. When we first heard about that, we were a little unsettled. Online dating?! It seemed like a strange way to meet someone, and not all that safe either. But our son told us that before you even start thinking about contacting someone you meet on the site, you can check and see how they answered 7 important questions concerning their adherence to the beliefs of the Catholic Faith. … Lo and behold,  in November of 2007 he ”met” a sweet Midwesterner, a darling 7 out of 7, and they began talking on-line and then on the phone. “

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  1. Kathy-730470 November 12, 2013 Reply

    I think that it is great that three of this mother’s sons found their match on CM. They are all young and single. I am a little older. It is not so easy when you are older I think. I live in Canada and most of the members on CM seem to live in the States. I can’t help but think this is a negative for me as I could not easily go out for a coffee. Distance in my case seems to be a difficulty. However, I am happy for this mothers sons. I wish them all the best. 🙂

  2. Brian-278516 November 12, 2013 Reply

    Matthew, we currently understand your frustration, but we don’t publish them as a “juicy tidbit.” We publish stories of real couples of different ages, races, locations, walks of life etc. to show what is possible. We view our job as providing the opportunity for single Catholics to meet people they would otherwise never have the opportunity. But the reality is we play a very small part in the “success” that a couple has finding each other for marriage. So much more goes into what they couples do besides creating a profile and meeting someone online. No everyone who joins CatholicMatch will find their spouse on the site but we try to provide them as many opportunities to meet their future spouse as we can, the rest is up to each individual and to God.

    BTW this story was written by a mom from another website. We had no idea that three of her sons met on CatholicMatch nor did we know the story was being published.

  3. Matthew-869404 November 12, 2013 Reply

    Congratulations to them on finding someone. Every time one of these articles pops up though, I can’t help but feeling that I’m wasting my time on here. As someone who hasn’t been on a date with someone from this website in over 11 months, every time there is a “success” story posted, it just seems like a juicy tidbit to keep me renewing my subscription and giving them more money in the hope that I may find someone through this site. This family has had good luck with it, I applaud them and wish them the best. Feeling discouraged but still trusting in the Lord’s plan.

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