Thoughts For Those Struggling To Be Thankful


We all know that Thanksgiving is a day to be with family, to reflect upon your blessings, and to give thanks. There are many Americans living in our country and around the world who have the priviledge to do all three of these things today, and there are many people who don’t.

Hundreds of thousands of soldiers in the military will celebrate Thanksgiving in a foreign country, far away from their families. Many people are separated from their families geographically and do not have the luxury of traveling home to be part of the celebration. Some people are struggling to make Thanksgiving a day of celebration because they’ve lost someone dear in death and of course, there are many families, too many, that need to find a way to be thankful in the wake of divorce.
It’s not just the adults, either. Children struggle just as much, sometimes even more than adults because they are incapable of articulating their pain. They just roll with the flow of it all, hoping at some point they will feel better.

I personally struggled every Thanksgiving after my husband left, even years later when time had distanced me from that terrible event. What helped me was to strip it all down to the very basic part of the idea, being thankful for what I had. I could focus on what I didn’t have, but then the day would be ruined. So I just started being thankful for the things I did have. No matter how bad your situation is, if you are alive and breathing, you have a reason to be thankful.

No matter what your situation or mindset is today, I wanted to give share a brief prayer with you, just in case you are struggling to remember why we celebrate on this day. I hope this helps you get through this day with appreciation and gratitude.

For the gift of waking up this day, I thank you, Lord.
For the gift of my sight and being able to speak and hear, I thank you, Lord.
For the gift of your glorious nature and the beautiful world I live in, I thank you, Lord.
For a roof over my head, even if it isn’t mine, I thank you, Lord.
For the gift of free will and the ability to make my own choices, I thank you, Lord.
For the gift of my faith, I thank you, Lord.
For the gift of knowing what it is like to love, I thank you, Lord.
For the gift of my children and the opportunity to be a parent to your precious souls, I
thank you, Lord.
For the gift of experiencing life as a child, brother or sister, parent, aunt, uncle or
cousin, grandmother or grandfather, I thank you, Lord.
For the gift of my friends who love me, I thank you, Lord.
For the gift of experiencing a little of what you suffered for me as I carry my cross, I
thank you, Lord.
For the gift of the good things you will bring out of my suffering, I thank you, Lord.
For the ways you will change my heart and help me become a better person because
of what’s happened, I thank you, Lord.
For the little triumphs as well as the big ones, I thank you, Lord.
For forgiving me, for saving me, and for not forgetting about me, I thank you, Lord.
For calling me by name into existence out of all eternity and giving me a purpose in
life, I thank you, Lord.
For loving me with the most perfect love anyone could ever experience, I thank you,
For the promise of eternal life with you in heaven, I thank you, Lord. Amen.

Count on my prayers for you, today, especially. I welcome your comments and questions at



  1. Ken-1343871 November 26, 2016 Reply

    Thank you, for Friends.
    My very best friend is with God, but I still have wonderful friends.
    God Bless friends.

  2. Patricia P. November 28, 2015 Reply

    Thank you for your good words. I feel best this holiday. Because I am cancer free. I give thanks not just on this holiday but for every day. Life is good. I have survived it. And every day is Thanksgiving. I pray for all of you this holiday how is alone. Just thank The Virgin Mary to give you the blessing of Christ. Today. Believe in your father and you will never be alone in Jesus name Amen.
    Patricia Pleasant

  3. Eileen N. November 24, 2015 Reply

    Thank you…I need to read this and pray it out loud…

  4. Bradley-266389 November 29, 2013 Reply

    Thanks for this prayer.

  5. Labratt-1035351 November 29, 2013 Reply

    One of the most beautiful prayers I could possibly have read.
    Thank you Lisa. Patt aka Labratt

  6. Laura-56149 November 29, 2013 Reply

    Thank you Lisa. I recently lost my younger brother. To top it off I am home alone and not with family because of being sick. To focus on my gifts from the Lord is my refuge.

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