Cynthia Didn’t Believe in Online Dating


“You had me at hello” is a line renowned in popular culture from its use in the movie Jerry Maguire and as the title of a Kenny Chesney song. In the world of online dating it doesn’t work quite that literally, but it comes close to describing the initial online encounters of John and Cynthia.

Cynthia found John online and the impact was immediate. “This man had my attention from the first time I viewed his profile,” she said.  “I was so drawn to him. I always tried to let God lead me in my life, but not until then did I realize the impact of how truly letting go and letting God lead can change your life.”

There were still doubts though. Cynthia, 57-years-old and living in Louisiana wondered how she was going to meet a man from Colorado. When John saw Cynthia had viewed his profile, he took the initiative to write her a note and that at least got the ball rolling.

The online correspondence that followed was deep and it allowed them to truly get to know what was at the heart of the other. John and Cynthia shared the same old-fashioned values. “John is devoted to God and family. He has integrity, good morals and values, and is conservative and hard working,” Cynthia said of the 68-year-old retired mechanical engineer.

By the time they met in person, Cynthia was already in love with John’s heart, and the feeling was mutual. The distance factor that seemed so overwhelming at the beginning was overcome with a strong foundation of rich correspondence, followed by the phone conversations that continue to this day.

John and Cynthia are discerning the future, meeting each other’s families and will spend Christmas together as they wait to see what God has in mind as their next step. Both continue to work hard—he has a lifelong passion for cattle and ranching, and she has one full-time job in a call center and another part-time job in apparel. Both are examples of a strong work ethic, one part of the values they share with each other.

They are both examples of what taking risks can do. “I must say, I was not a believer in internet dating,” Cynthia admitted. “I was a believer in finding a mate the old-fashioned way, but my search for an honest, Christian, loving man with family values was not met with a lot of success. It was only after repeatedly looking at the CatholicMatch ad on the parish bulletin that she gave in. It worked, and while John is the man who won her heart, she added that she has met other examples of “the nicest men.”

Sometimes it’s just about timing. “I believed that God had been working on me and he was working on someone for me,” Cynthia said. “One day when He felt the time was right and we were ready, he would have our paths cross.” And when that time came, she knew it at hello.



  1. Katherine-1103570 July 31, 2016 Reply

    I’m wondering, is it only “Conservatives” who succeed on Catholicmatch. I am a faithful Catholic and a progressive Democrat I do not see many matches for me.

    • MariadeLourdes-1159036 February 25, 2017 Reply

      I agreed with you Katherine, sometime I asked myself, If my expectation are too high… I also did not see any matches for me.

  2. Eric C. January 27, 2014 Reply

    Trend of online dating is increasing day by day..All of my friends are involved in online dating stuff. It is much easier than meeting someone in person and wasting time in get preliminary information.Online dating is good for shy and busy persons. those who do not have courage and time to go to some bar and find someone should go for online dating stuff.

  3. Walter-533749 December 24, 2013 Reply

    I have heard many horror stories from friends who met someone online from one of the many sites. Makes people apprehensive when someone responds. I too would like to hear from the female side of this.

  4. Dan-1002097 December 21, 2013 Reply

    Thanks for posting this story, Dan. But, I must take some issue with the notion that these two people “…are examples of what taking risks can do.” The time and expense to communicate and travel to meet…yes, I can see that as being regarded somewhat as “a risk” that might have deterred this couple. However, the implication I believe I read here is that, particularly the lady, thought there was some physical or emotional risk involved with on-line dating that is not the case, as she put it, the “old-fashioned way”.

    I hope this story will be seen by many apprehensive female visitors to CM. But, also, I hope some posts from women will follow mine that may help me understand what they see as the “risks” involved in… what I see anyway…as merely giving gentlemen the opportunity to communicate with you and endeavor to…well…charm you some. I will take your word for it, Ladies, if you tell me you see emotional “risks” there. Just help me understand how. Thanks, ahead of the fact. 😉

  5. Selene-1012471 December 21, 2013 Reply

    Cynthia and John great story.

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