One Couple Shares the Light of Faith With Others


At the young age of 30, Matthew was already a widower. The youth minister from Kentucky had seen his first wife pass away, and was waiting to see what God’s next step was for him. Matthew’s work in the Church was his full-time vocation, and a mission trip to North Dakota was a key turning point.

“One of the team members had met her husband on CatholicMatch,” he recalled. Matthew himself wasn’t too familiar with online dating, but the success of his colleague encouraged him, and he decided to give this venue a chance.

Sarah was going through some life changes of her own. Six  years younger than Matthew and living in Detroit, she had taken three years off of school to discern her vocation. She looked at getting a degree in theology and becoming a trained catechist, as she worked retail to pay the bills.

Sarah loved her faith above all else, and Matthew found that immensely attractive.

Sarah loved her faith above all else, and Matthew found that immensely attractive.

It was the latter part of this past summer that Matthew found Sarah online. She had used the interview feature of the CatholicMatch profile, providing an easy means for anyone interested to reach out to her, and Matthew took her interview. She sent a message back and they then started an online chat.

“She was more comfortable on the phone than IM,” Matthew recalled. “Pretty soon we were talking every day, then doing video chats.” There was eight hours of drive time between them, and they were working on setting up a time to meet face-to-face. The circumstances of his work schedule made October the likely date, but Sarah was interested in expediting the process. She drove to Kentucky for Labor Day weekend.

Matthew saw in Sarah the qualities that he wanted if he were to marry again. “She’s the first girl (that he’s dated since his first wife’s passing) who loves her faith more than anything else,” he said. Matthew recalled that Sarah had been up front that she was interested in men who answered “yes” to all seven faith questions in the CatholicMatch profile, and that was something he found immensely attractive.

Faith is the foundation for Matthew and Sarah, but they share many common interests beyond that. They love being outdoors and taking walks and each is a social person who enjoys being around people. When they’re alone, they like to listen to Christian music and sip a good cup of coffee.

Matthew and Sarah are still discerning God’s timetable in their lives and looking ahead to an engagement sometime in the near future. The Church will be a big part of their lives, beyond their own personal faith foundation. He’s already in full-time ministry and she is looking to get to that same point. They’ve talked about going on permanent missions together.

However the future unfolds, they’ve already succeeded in one great mission and that’s to bring the light of faith within them and share it with each other.



  1. Andrew-1040810 December 24, 2013 Reply

    I am truly enjoying everything I’m seeing on Catholic, first because I didn’t know how positive the experience would be, second because I now deeply believe that if I put forth my best effort…God will do his part, and finally—we are all in this together and actually helping one another! Personally, as I go through this process, I’m becoming more and more excited about the possibility of using my experiences over the past 65 years to discover someone who is nearly a perfect match: If others can be successful…so can I. Thank all of you who share your success stories and thank for making it all possible!!!

  2. Andrew-560653 December 20, 2013 Reply

    It’s always nice to read a story about someone you went to church with =)

  3. Jillian-1014035 December 18, 2013 Reply

    nice story…i had a similar one with someone on here…but it did not work out….so..

  4. Dave-146273 December 18, 2013 Reply

    It’s always nice to read about and see that people are meeting someone they feel is a match, in spite of all the challenges out there. We just have to keep our hopes up and remember to keep ourselves open to others. =)

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