A Relationship Break-Up Proved The Key To Ultimate Success


Rob and Kimberly had connected on CatholicMatch and gone out in January 2011. They each liked the other, but there were some lingering issues, and it wasn’t until August of that same year that they reconnected. As it turns out, that little relationship break was all that was needed to turn a blossoming friendship into lifetime love.

30-year-old, Rob, owned his own Catholic production company, and rarely had time for dates. “I saw a CatholicMatch ad in the parish bulletin and said, you know what, I’ll give it a shot,” he said.

Rob & Kimberly found a natural chemistry in each other and their desire to see each other happy creates a free flow of communication.

Rob & Kimberly found a natural chemistry in each other and their desire to see each other happy creates a free flow of communication.

Kimberly is 26-years-old and going for her master’s degree in psychology, while also working two jobs. She had done online dating in other venues, and it was her mom who saw the parish bulletin ad and made the suggestion to join CatholicMatch.

“I like knowing the core values of a person,” Kimberly said. “It takes care of the important stuff right up front.”

Rob found Kimberly’s profile and immediately found it attractive. He sent her an emotigram. She only had a free profile, but when she checked out his profile, the reaction was no less intense. “I saw this handsome man,” she recalled. “I thought it was too good to be true.”

They both live in the south suburbs of Chicago and got together quickly. Rob had been through previous situations of long correspondence leading to a first date with no chemistry, and he wanted to find out quickly if there was anything there.

Rob and Kimberly’s first date was an extended one, including a long drive after dinner so they could spend more time together. But there were doubts lurking. “I didn’t think she liked me,” Rob admitted afterward. “She was hard to read.”

Kimberly was in fact speaking to her mom about this great guy she had met from CatholicMatch. “He didn’t know how to read me then,” she said. “He does now.”

As it turns out, the misread worked out for the best. Rob and Kimberly both acknowledge they had things about themselves that needed to be worked on, and that January-to-August relationship break in 2011 proved to be the space each needed.

“If the relationship would have come sooner, it might not have worked,” Rob said. “I think it’s important that instead of looking for Mrs. Right or Mr. Right, you make yourself right, so you’re ready when that person comes along.” Kimberly concurred, adding that God helped them both to grow and made them the right people for each other.

When Rob and Kimberly reconnected, the personal chemistry they enjoyed was able to flourish. After one date, they went back to his apartment to watch a movie, and Rob invited Kimberly to pick out what she wanted from his selection. “When she picked The Matrix I think I would have proposed right there,” he joked.

On the level of faith they also connected, it was a refreshing change from previous relationships. No longer was their significant other telling them to go to church by themselves. They each enjoy being in a relationship where they’re on the same page.

They’re on the same page on a lot of things. Kimberly traces it all the way back to that first January date. “He picked me up at my job and opened the car door for me,” she recalled. “He has always opened the car door for me.” It was something that hadn’t happened before and it set Rob apart in her eyes. “I was just so impressed.”

Rob came to see and appreciate how much Kimberly wanted the best for him. “Before I felt like it was a one-way street. Our communication is very good. We both want to see the other happy, so when something comes up we talk about it right away.”

“We became best friends pretty fast, along with dating each other,” Kimberly added, summing it up.

It was when Rob had to give the best man’s toast at a friend’s wedding that he knew Kimberly was the one. “I was so nervous, I was shaking,” he recalled. “Kimberly was so concerned, so caring. I knew then without a doubt.”

It took some doing, but Rob got Kimberly in front of a camera and all dressed up, while keeping the marriage proposal a surprise.

It took some doing, but Rob got Kimberly in front of a camera and all dressed up, while keeping the marriage proposal a surprise.

When you run a film production company it goes without saying that your marriage proposal is going to make it on camera, and Rob had to devise a plan to pull this off while keeping it a surprise. He first got his crew set up with a project (or so he told Kimberly), all the while telling her they needed to attend a birthday party for his niece. This required Kimberly to get dressed up.

Then, with Rob’s crew all a part of the plan, he claimed there was a last-minute change of plans, requiring him to be there. They would have to skip the party, he explained to her.

“We had to drive an hour and a half and felt guilty about his sister throwing this party and us not being there,” Kimberly recalled. She admits to giving him a pretty hard time on the drive to the film location.

When the crew did the filming, there came a point when the actors were instructed to disappear while the camera crew worked on the lighting. They then asked Rob and Kimberly to just stand on set, theoretically to allow the crew to see how the sunset interacted with them on film.

“I was just playing with my phone, thinking no one was paying attention to me,” Kimberly said. It was then that Rob came up behind her and proposed. Rob and Kimberly have graciously shared the video of the proposal and you can watch it below.

“I knew he was perfect for me,” Kimberly said, thinking all the way back to when Rob opened the car door for her on a January night outside her work. “He has the best sense of humor ever, and early on, I envisioned a life with him. I can honestly say this is my fairy tale.”

The ride is just getting started for Rob & Kimberly.

The ride is just getting started for Rob & Kimberly.



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    Many blessing to Rob & Kimberly!!! As a senior citizen I would like to say “AMEN” to Joes comment.

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    Beautiful success story and video. Congratulations to you both and may you both have a blissful and happy life together. There is always hope for everyone.

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    I was getting nervous as the time got closer! Great Love Story!
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    This gives me hope. I know I’m not perfect and I have a lot of issues to work out. I just need to use this time to work on them and let God present the right man to come at the right time in my life. So far it hasn’t happened. I just have to trust in God’s timing.

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