Mary and Joseph’s Advice on Love


Mary is the epitome of feminine holiness. And Joseph is the epitome of masculine virtue. Consequently, they have much to teach us about what love is.

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Listening to the word of God through Gabriel, Mary said Yes to God and became the Mother of God. And Joseph became the earthly father of Jesus. As soon as Joseph has his dream, he doesn’t question God’s plan for Jesus or his need to be Mary’s husband.They didn’t know what it would all mean, but God was asking it of them, so they did it.

I love how Mary pondered all of this in her heart. We ladies need to do that too: whether we are praying about a relationship or daily needs.

And Joseph’s action and integrity are a good example for guys: He protects the Holy Family, finding a place for Mary to give birth and going to Egypt in the middle of the night.

Most of all, we must love God. Mary and Joseph did.

Joseph discovered in Mary a Godly woman, and Mary discovered in Joseph a Godly man.

“A woman’s heart should be so close to God that a man should have to chase him to find her,” C.S. Lewis wrote.

Which is exactly why Mary and Joseph are good marriage role models.

Mary and Joseph, pray for us!


Amy Smith is the associate editor for the National Catholic Register.



  1. Jeannie-822585 June 25, 2016 Reply

    Beautiful quote from J. C. Lewis. So true, God first, spouse next….Ephesians 5 teaching in it’s entirety has lessons for the man and the woman to abide by. Thank you, God. Help us for your Glory. Amen.

  2. Hi Ms. Amy, I read your article and it affirmed me of staying positive about finding your one true love…Mary and Joseph story are just one great example of this love. I know that it is not just finding your significant other that you can show love to others. Mary and Joseph is an example of true love for giving up their own will to God’s calling to be Jesus Christ our Lord parents here on Earth for us all.

  3. Dominic L. May 1, 2014 Reply

    Hi Amy Smith . . You chose a good topic that contains mysteries beyond recognition . . . There role is more then teachings us about Love , But the value of Love between a couple to be pleasing to God , and even much more then that.

    I wonder how many people are aware if Mary said no to God that God would not be able to find some one else to give the same offer . . Marys role is more then the fact she said yes . The whole human race depended on her yes is vital to all of humanities salvation. . . there would be no one else to fulfill her role

    The same For Josephs role in saying Yes . . Its more then just yes , its yes to a very difficult responsibility that required wisdom to understand why.

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