Unplug And Connect With Christ




We’re all very busy these days with plenty of obligations, responsibilities and pressures heaped upon us. Who doesn’t love the ease and instant gratification that technology brings to our efforts to meet our demands, especially when everything used to take so much longer? What a gift this new tool can be, especially in the way it connects us with other people. I, personally, have been able to remain in touch and maintain relationships with people I thought I would never otherwise see again.

But there are pros and cons to everything and being online and “connected” is no exception. According to Sherry Turkle, PhD and author of the book Alone Together, people today are more connected to one another than ever before in human history, thanks to Internet-based social networking sites and text messaging. But they’re also more lonely and distant from one another in their unplugged lives and it’s a strain on personal relationships, as well. That is, unless you know how to find the balance, in my opinion.

Another gift we’ve been given, and one that is often taken for granted is the gift of time. Each moment of our day is a gift from God, a gift of life that is not only for the here and now, but more importantly a gift we should use wisely. Hopefully, the last five weeks of Lent have been a time where you’ve been able to slow down at least a little bit and spend more concentrated time with Jesus, walking the road to Calvary with Him and taking time to remember how much He suffered for all of us. If you find yourself alarmed that time has flown faster than you anticipated and you look back at the part of Lent that has passed, I encourage you to take advantage of the last days of this season and make an effort to find that balance and make sure your relationship with God is well-connected.



  1. Lissa-956941 April 10, 2014 Reply

    I believe in moderation. Technology has made communication so much easier, especially international communication. But there is no replacement for in-person interaction. We also need to balance indoor and outdoor time as well.

  2. Ann-69118 April 10, 2014 Reply

    I have a data phone that’s it. I haven’t had cable for 12 years and haven’t had internet consistantly for 4 years maybe more. I do just fine. I prefer to be outside or working and doing something productive. Reading is vastly preferable to me then sitting glued to a screen. My tv is 5 years old and my computer is probably 4 or more I forget. My family bought me an ereader but that failed too I might have used it a few times that’s it. Sadly while having lunch with my dad I saw several people sitting around the same table not conversing but engage in viewing their phones. I find it a scary prospect and very trouble that people forgo personal interact with their phones more than other human beings….I’ve always been old school though.

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