The Patron Saint of Online Dating Profiles


In my Year of the Saints project I decided to find out more about the saints, and focus on using their lives as inspiration for my own. I wanted to use each saint as a role model and try to follow their example for the entire month.

The saint that I would like to model during the month of May is Bernardino of Siena (feast day: May 20). Like all my favorites, he was a Franciscan priest. When he first started out in the order, he prayed regularly, but didn’t preach much. He had a very weak voice that often went hoarse and silent quickly. That all changed, however, when he was on a mission in Milan. Suddenly, he found himself speaking in a rich timbre and a commanding power. His oration was so strong, in fact, that he attracted a crowd who would not let him stop speaking until he promised to return to Milan and preach again. The remainder of his life was dedicated to public speech.

Because of his powerful preaching, he became the patron saint of advertisers. If there is anything that requires persuasive speech, it’s advertising. (Anyone who has seen “Mad Men” knows it’s the truth.)

But here’s the wonderful thing about St. Bernardino: he abhorred all talk that was “indecent,” even from childhood. When he was a young boy he stood in the town square while some adults were talking. One man tried to embarrass him by speaking with inappropriate words. Imagine his shock when young Bernardino smacked him in the face! The crowd lauded him, and the man retreated in shame. Since then, he was known for his wonderful speechespure and decent words of praise.

St. Bernardino’s life is a good example for marriage-minded singles who are using online dating sites. We can learn a thing or two about profile writing from St. Bernardino’s persuasive speech. We can use the power of words to highlight our best qualities. And write our profiles in a way that reflects the human dignity that St. Bernardino focused on.

This month, try re-reading your profiles, or better yet, have another set of eyes to do it, and think of the ways you can highlight your best qualities. Then ask yourself two things: Am I using my words as persuasive speech? And, would St. Bernardino like what I have to say? Perhaps try praying to him before looking over your profile.

Here is a wonderful prayer:

Saint Bernardine of Siena, words were very important to you. You spent most of your life speaking the golden words of Jesus’ mercy and his Holy Name. And you abhorred words that were shameful. Pray for us that we may always choose to speak Jesus’ name with reverence and choose words of love over words of shame. Amen



  1. Amen.
    Praise to you Saint Bernardino … May you be, especially, pleased with my Catholic Match Profile, and from your eyes to God’s lips to whisper into the ears of a very special someone …

  2. Thank you for this inspiration! Today is his feast day-and so I will choose my words carefully.

    May I take how he valued words one step further? Not only do we have to remove what’s inappropriate or indecent, we have to say what is good, also. What is good about the person we work or live with; what is good with the world (currently) blooming around us; what is good for us to strive for; and finally what is good with God and Jesus.

    He seemed to have been called to that with his preaching; he not only avoided the ‘bad’ words, but the Spirit moved him to preach the Good News.

    I pray, today his feast day, that we all – especially myself – am filled with the same Spirit.

  3. Dominic-981542 May 20, 2014 Reply

    i dont think there is a Patron Saint for on line dating

    • Deborah-1077446 May 22, 2014 Reply

      I was surprised too! I guess we have to let divine intervention intercede in our daily encounters. We have trust in the lord and let him guide our lives and decisions.

    • Thang-1077057 August 7, 2014 Reply

      Dominic, I agree with you. I think he would be a better fit for persuasive words or speaking instead.

  4. Janna-10421 May 18, 2014 Reply

    Thank you for sharing this. It can tempting to “fudge” on this site, as I have noticed. But when we focus on the saints, our role models, they can certainly help us in new ways with new inspiration. After all, our hope is in Him and He does not disappoint His children.

  5. Juliet-913466 May 18, 2014 Reply

    Well said Julile. i feel the same way. God bless us all and may we find what we are looking for according to God’s will.

  6. Julile-999963 May 18, 2014 Reply

    I’m new at this online dating. I joined catholicmatch as I felt we all had our faith in common,so,therefore, I would feel safer. I only joined two days ago, so we will see. I hope to meet caring, KIND and wonderful people. God,watch over all of us that our lives will be changed for the better, if only by meeting new friends, and hopefully, in the end, finding our new loves for the next chapter of our lilves.

  7. Maricel-532080 May 18, 2014 Reply

    St. Bernardino of Siena, pray for us!

  8. Nilda-834707 May 18, 2014 Reply

    Perhaps I need a little divine intervention too. I think many would agree that this internet business is a very slow process regarless how cleverly one writes his/her profile.

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