An Engagement Built On God, Country & Star Trek


Alex and Emerald are both idealistic young people, dedicated to serving others. At the young age of 23, they have already made self-sacrificing decisions in the service of others.

Alex, currently stationed in Norfolk for the U.S. Navy wrote on his CatholicMatch profile that God, country and family are his three passions.

Emerald first came to the Christian faith through Evangelical Protestantism, but through her passion for learning and for books she came into the fullness of faith in the Catholic Church.

When Emerald first saw Alex’s profile she decided to take his personal interview. The first thing that attracted her was that he had a question about Star Trek. There was another question where she thought the answers didn’t accurately reflect her feelings. “I emailed him as a follow up to say ‘here’s what I wanted to say.’” In the lore of their courtship it has become known as “The Real Answer.”

It only took a week after that first connection for Alex and Emerald to meet in person, and it didn’t take long for them to realize that their personalities blended together.

“He’s very serious-minded, but does have a sense of humor,” Emerald said. The fact that Alex is serious about his faith was a major attraction.

Alex and Emerald come from different backgrounds. Alex grew up on a farm with a family of nine, and Emerald grew up in the suburbs. “There is a side of life that he knows about that’s completely foreign to me and I find that attractive,” Emerald said.

Emerald already knew a couple of people who had met their spouses online and had been cautiously optimistic about her chances when she joined the site. Alex justified that optimism with a Christmas proposal.

“Alex spent the holidays with my family,” Emerald said. “We made it through opening presents without mentioning rings or marriage. After everyone had settled a bit, he said he had one more gift for me. I love that he proposed in front of my family. They all love himhe’s a brother to my siblings, a son to my parents, and fun Uncle Alex to my nephews.”

Alex and Emerald are currently in marriage prep, and she recalls one incident that’s proven to be humorous, but is offered as a helpful guide to others who may be ready to start the process. “Make sure you start to talk about the questions before the priest asks you,” she said.

Emerald recalled their parish priest asking who would handle the finances and both Alex and Emerald blurted out “I will” simultaneously. Neither one was militant about it, and had just made an assumption. It was something to laugh about, but a reminder of the things that need to be discussed up front.

Alex and Emerald can look forward to a lifetime of laughs together. They take seriously the things that need to be taken seriously and also know how to step back and smile.

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