Glamour Magazine’s Survey on Men’s Desires


Did you know that 92% of men wish that you would stop wearing a one-piece bathing suit? At least this is what the latest survey conducted by Glamour Magazine reported. More than a thousand men participated in the survey, and the conclusion was that women should not wear a one-piece bathing suit. But, why?

This most recent issue of Glamour focused on the body and how it looks. When I read this survey which stated that men desire to see women in bikinis, my initial thought was, “Of course they do. These men want to check women out and objectify them.” Women in bikinis used to be on the cover of Playboy Magazine, so this objectification has gone back decades. Less bathing suit = more skin. More skin = sexually appealing.

The questions is, are these men looking at women in the right way and for the right reasons? My initial thought was, no, of course not. This was confirmed by the other questions conducted in the survey. Question #1: When you see a woman in swimsuit, what do you think? The answer revealed that of the 1000 men who responded, three-quarters of them answered Sexy! Other answers included women looking good, half naked, and women needing to work on certain parts of her body (presumably to look sexier). The point here is that every answer was focused on sexy bodies. So, is it a wonder why men desire women to wear less on the beach?

If I was a women, would I want to be objectified like that? Would it make me self-conscious about my body, or parts of my body? Would I ever be seen for me? To me, this culture already pressures women to look perfect, and to me, this kind of survey only adds fuel to that fire.

Another question also confirmed the objectification: “What body part do you notice most when you see a woman in a swimsuit?” OK, first off, if I was conducting the survey, I would not ask something so shallow and narrowing. I would at least offer the option of not being shallow. I might have asked, “On the beach, do you notice a woman’s body or do you see the woman as a person, as a whole?” In any case, the answer to this question was: 36% noticed the breasts, 29% butt, 15% legs, 12% abs, 8% otherwhatever that is. Why weren’t eyes, smile, face, or “body as a whole” in the running?

Another question confessed that more than half of men said that an “amazing body” is what makes a woman stand out on the beach. So, what are guys looking at?

It seems that nearly 1000 men have reduced women to their bodies and to the sex appeal in this survey (I apologize for this ladies), and apparently, this even happens when they are hitched. More than half of all men interviewed said that they absolutely “check out other women” even when they are with their significant other. More than a quarter more confessed that while they don’t fanaticize about the other women, they do check them out because “they can’t help it.” Only a mere 14% of men answered, “What women?” It’s one thing to notice a woman and her beauty, but it’s another thing to actively check them out, especially when you are married to someone else.

Glamour, Cosmopolitan, and others magazines like them are written by women for women, and yet, the vast majority of their articles shoot women in the foot due to their bad advice and impede them from finding true love. It saddens me that the majority of “advice” in these magazines is awful, as are the surveys and interviews. They give women false guidance on issues of life and love.

My own opinion is that more women should be offended by such surveys and such objectification. Women should never accept objectification as normal. And, no, not all men are like that. There are knights out there who cherish and respect the dignity of a woman.



  1. Megan-1297855 May 24, 2016 Reply

    Glad I’m skinny & have waist-length hair & a pretty face. It has opened every door for me from the time I was 4. You need more cultural /racial diversity here. I’m the only E. Indian or brown-skinned person among your authors. White men do ten to over heat quickly in sight of tan skin, as you know. What’s that about anyway?

  2. Diana-1229708 April 19, 2016 Reply

    Imagine how much stress the media is placing on women of all ages to look young, thin and sexy? If you look at family photos, particularly of newlyweds, dating back 60-100 years ago, many of the young women at the time were not, what we would consider by today’s standards, to be attractive or meeting the current standards for beauty and yet, they managed to find themselves a husband. I think all this objectification of contemporary women as merely body parts in the eyes of men, has created much angst, division and ill-will among the genders. It has taught men to concentrate only on the exterior and ignore the interior values and the character of a woman. And we wonder why relationships fail!

  3. Scott-1175696 March 7, 2015 Reply


    I know that as Catholics we’re taught to look upon a woman beyond her body, BUT…..

    What most wussy guys don’t realize (such as the one writing these articles) is that on average, men notice a woman’s body and desire for it, yes. This is a NATURAL psychological/biological function of physical procreation.

    But it is not the ENTIRE picture. The average man doesn’t go, “Oh yea! I see a hot body on that gal, and now its all I use to assess her as a human being. And that fat girl over there, well, not so worth it, because she’s fat.”

    I HIGHLY doubt the average guy thinks that.

    Seeing the woman for who she is is an entirely separate topic. For the average man, his desires are stirred from a woman’s appearance, yes. But that doesn’t equate to him judging her worth. That comes later. First the physical attraction, then the personal assessment up close & personal. In that order.

    Its just the way it is.

    Rather than berate men’s natural bio-psychological responses, why not just make sure that you as a man don’t let the natural response RULE YOU. As long as it doesn’t rule you, then you should not be ashamed of your physical attraction toward women.

  4. Jon-1060512 October 26, 2014 Reply

    I am really skeptical about these so called “Surveys”.

    Questions to ask:
    – We have a sample size of 1000 men. Whats the population size? Comparing 1000 men to 100+ million men is not really concrete research in my opinion.
    – Sample Demographics (age, income,..etc) ? All these factors into how a guy responds to the survey.
    – Where was the survey conducted? On the beach?
    – Who conducted the survey? A bikini model?

    In the end, they are a Magazine company, they will say anything to get you to subscribe.

  5. Ann-1080387 June 25, 2014 Reply

    I like that this article was written by a man. One expects to hear (Catholic) women say these things, but hearing it from a man gives one hope.

  6. Michael-410923 June 23, 2014 Reply

    SO glad feminine summer dresses are ‘in’. 🙂

  7. Ann-69118 June 23, 2014 Reply

    I do a lot of kayaking and usually wear a tankini which looks like a one piece. I tend to wear cover ups as well to protect my skin from the sun. Tankini’s are a great compromise between the two. As to objectification it’s best to not put either gender into a box and say that all men do this or all women do that. There are as many exceptions to the rules as there are people.

  8. Liza-919097 June 23, 2014 Reply

    I don’t know I’ve been subscribing to Glamour for over 10 years and I find some of the articles are very interesting. However yes they do objectify sex as a big part of their money making articles; but where do you actually go to read an entire magazine where sex or sex appeal in some sort of fashion isn’t already talked about or conveyed? I didn’t see anything wrong to be very honest in the poll that Glamour gave from what this person wrote about Glamour magazine. Because ok so men are always going to be like this where they are constantly checking women out, it’s in their natural habitat to do that. However it does make a girl more aware of what to expect when she prances around like that out in public about her surroundings. So if a girl feels totally uncomfortable with that then she can either choose to wear a 1 piece or wearing a cover up over her 2 piece; but we all know that most times she is doing that because she wants to be noticed in one way or another.

  9. Peter-449116 June 23, 2014 Reply

    There is a great piece on this subject in the National Catholic Register posted by a member in the forums (Sorry, don’t recall who posted it), called “The Death of Pretty” which laments the fact that young girls today try to appear ‘hot’ rather than the more appealing ‘pretty’:

    • Ann-1035042 June 25, 2014 Reply

      That was a great article Peter! I never saw hotness as a consumable good, but it makes perfect sense. Hotness is for instant gratification/use, while pretty is for cherishing and protecting. Thanks for posting that!

  10. Nicholas-976717 June 23, 2014 Reply

    If a person can’t keep from objectifying or disrespecting other people, maybe it’s not someone else’s choice in swimwear that’s the underlying issue. Just saying…

  11. Mark-687718 June 23, 2014 Reply

    All I’m seeing here is comments about how much men objectify women and therefore women need to be modest in their choice of swimwear because men can’t control their urges.. Hmmm, this seems pretty one-sided to me. Well in case you didn’t realize it, here’s a newsflash…WOMEN DO THE SAME THING TO MEN! I challenge any woman to deny that she would admire a shirtless guy at the beach or pool who has nice muscles and ripped abs. Of course women do this, yet no one is arguing that men had better cover up! But where are we going with this argument? Where does it end? Should we all go back to wearing those ugly one-piece wool swimsuits like my grandparents did in the ’30s? Maybe pools and beaches should be segregated by gender! That would solve the problem! Ok, enough sarcasm…we’re all Catholics here, and we know modesty is a virtue that we should strive for, so yes Catholic women might want to forego the string bikini when going to a public beach or pool, and Catholic men should do everyone a favor and leave the banana hammock at home. Other than those extremes, I think people can wear whatever they’re comfortable with and still be able to maintain a degree of modesty, even in a bikini!

    • Meesch-691047 June 26, 2014 Reply

      Thank you for reminding me of how much of a sinner I truly am. I’m still watching World Cup soccer games, they keep their shirts on most of the time.

  12. Peter-484745 June 23, 2014 Reply

    If you really want to promote modesty and avoid objectifying women, then you shouldn’t be engaging in mixed-sex swimming, period. Whether in one or two pieces, anything skin tight and wet is going to be at best desensitizing men to the idea of women’s bodies, and at worst a direct occasion of sin.

  13. Meesch-691047 June 23, 2014 Reply

    Thank you for speaking out against objectifying women. It is very chivalrous, noble, and masculine of you! I still wear a bikini on certain occasions and conditions, but I always try to keep in mind that men are EASILY tempted if I don’t include modesty into your wardrobe considerations. Modesty protects women from being objectified and men from “sinning in their thoughts”. So, when in doubt, chose the modest route.

  14. Carole-1080999 June 22, 2014 Reply

    I agree with most of you,however, I’m really sick and tired of woman who have a bigger heavier upper body, sliding into a much smaller blouse or Bikini,and letting themselves (Hang Out ) ! They think its sexy, while it is revolting to me .Most of them don’t even look that good ! I have the same exact womanly attributes ! I hate to equate myself as a woman with many of them as I’m ashamed for all woman for the way some look ! As we are labeled. It’s mans nature to feast upon all of us,good or bad ! I myself want to be modest.I believe with the standards of today and the standards of yesterday, there’s nothing left of woman that’s mysterious ! I believe the males species has seen it all,and many if it , is old….. Maybe that’s why they like sports better !!!!

  15. Genevieve-1055759 June 22, 2014 Reply

    I personally love vintage-style attires; and would wear my one-piece gladly. As for the men who objectify us ladies, may God help us help them where we can!

    “Love” that objectifies is not love at all, or even close.

  16. Siona-1088090 June 22, 2014 Reply

    I respect women who can wear and do wear bikinis, as much as women who choose to wear one-pieces. MOST of you are Americans. In Europe, it is common and accepted to look at the beauty of bodies. In Asia, it is the same way. Unless you are either Asian or European like me, you really cannot comment on that cultural difference. We just do not see bodies as being objects men dwell on for their own inane purposes. Women have dignity and are respected by men and women in those countries more than America, and their bodies are looked at as artistic and part of the rest of their beauty. If you want to be be modest, do so. But do not cut down people who have the ability or desire to dhow their bodies off and assume that men look down eventually and also further down promote disrespect of women. We go topless in the South of France for goodness sake.

    • James-1082060 June 22, 2014 Reply

      A person can not comment on the cultural difference unless they are Asian or European, and yet you feel free to make a comment on cultural differences involving cultures not your own? You are summing up the morals and habits of 3 billion people based on your limited experience, and although what you see around you may strongly influence you, it is not by any stretch the rule for all of Asia or Europe. I have been to many parts of both Asia and Europe where showing skin is not only uncomfortable it is not tolerated. Now beaches in the south of France, in Spain, or Thailand are a world unto themselves, but they are not the defining points for the Asian and European cultures (if there is even such a thing as European or Asian culture … again YOU may feel comfortable lumping dozens of cultures and billions of people in to one bucket, but I don’t).

      Modesty or immodesty is a choice, and like all choices you have to live with the results of your choice. It’s possible for some that they put nothing sexual in to wearing skimpy beach attire, but for others that’s not their intention. And certainly in U.S. popular culture that’s not the intention. And despite the desire for showing off a beautiful body to be something pure and innocent, showing off takes at least two people: the “show-er” and the “showee”. Personally I could care less to be around bikini babes at the beach, seems like a waste of time to me when there’s so much more to get done in my short years than oogle skin. But some men and women can’t help themselves and the temptations are difficult to stay away from. But that’s their problem, right? As a Christian we are not supposed to be concerned with other people and their problems, they need to take care of themselves as we take care of ourselves. Wait, I might have gotten that wrong ….

      If you have a weakness for viewing men or women predominantly as sexual objects (either in person or thru porn) then you need to fix this. You need to take steps to see your fellow man as the person God made them to be in their entirety. Yes, a part of that person is their physical appearance, and a beautiful body (male or female) is a wonderful work of God’s art. But it is not the most wonderful and should not displace seeing the rest of the person, which is what I feel the whole debate on modesty is all about. Just my opinion, though.

  17. Gary-936836 June 22, 2014 Reply

    No, I definitely shouldn’t.

  18. Jacob-916565 June 22, 2014 Reply

    I would comment more, but I think Msgr. Pope explains it best. The link below is beautiful, and Jessica Rey does a great job harmonizing science with faith to show that women, if they want to be respected, should be modest. Men, likewise, need to be men and honor women without wavering.

    • Jillian-1014035 June 22, 2014 Reply

      Women should be respected no matter what they wear etc…I think a truly Godly man will respect a woman regardless of what she wears…as this respect…this fundamental human truth of dignity..would be ingrained in their heart from God.

      We women on the other hand …can try to help men out in their weakness with modesty. In this day in age…this is easier said then done; just as it is hard for men to perhaps turn their eyes from the body of a can be hard for us too…to reject the culture of the body when we are so assualted by its demands as well…and sometimes these demands come from our significant other…..I believe we as CAtholic women, truly Faithful can look attractive etc, embracing our beautiful femininity …without at the same time wearing a ” sack cloth”….but we must be careful…prudently discern…and constantly reflect upon our clothing choices etc. The habit is a beautiful piece of clothing for relegious sister.s..and so appropriate…however, we as lay women are not necessarily called i believe to be that modest, that sheilding of our bodies. Still, i do believe we are called to be modest. If we are not…we do endanger much…and may attract the wrong kind of attention. True sexiness….the unyielding type…comes from true and deep love….not from what one wears. To find such love…we must help ourselves…by striving to be appropriately modest…thus protecting our hearts/souls…from peril. I unfortuantely can testify…as someone that has experienced attention for the wrong reasons…both as a devout Catholic and as someone that lost Faith…that such attention…go me no where…in fact…It got me worse then no where!!!

  19. Joan-529855 June 22, 2014 Reply

    I am so very glad that I raised my two daughters to be modest. In Arizona, where it is above 100 degrees 6 months out of the year, swimming attire is “comfortable”. Fortunately my daughters have chose the “tankini” with board shorts over the “bikini” as it provides for less skin exposure. My youngest daughter was a lifeguard for 6 years and has seen it all in regards to women’s swim wear and the lack of cloth it can entail. Another VERY good reason to wear more cloth when bathing is the damaging effects of skin exposure to the sun. Fortunately many people in AZ have taken heed to the doctors warnings and cover up; in other words the bikini is less and less popular than it once was. Besides men don’t bother with gawking at imperfect female bodies in bikinis anymore when they can pull out their tablet and view pornographic perfectly airbrushed images of nude women to satisfy their fantasy.

  20. Adrienne-113113 June 22, 2014 Reply

    For me modest and appropriate attire varies depending on the setting. At a beach or pool I feel perfectly fine wearing a two-piece suit, even a bikini, as long as it flatters and sufficiently covers private parts. If a man (or woman) can’t handle seeing some skin at a beach and seeing the body as a beautiful part of the whole person rather than thinking about violating it sexually, that’s his (her) problem and he (she) should maybe consider avoiding those settings where the temptations are too strong. When I’m at a beach I admire people’s bodies and I feel good about my own, perfectly imperfect as we all are. Personally I’m not going to wear a trash bag – or a one-piece suit with knee-length skirt, which is the same thing to me – to a beach when I have a body that looks better in a bikini. Physical fitness is important to me, I work for it, and I’m not going to hide it in the one setting where it’s appropriate to let it be seen. I don’t think we should be aiming to hide our physical beauty, we should be aiming to let it be seen modestly, and I do believe that modesty at a beach is something different than modesty in town. In that setting, just like in any other, I’m not going to talk to any man who is focused on my body rather than my person. I think there are appropriate boundaries to respect in a beach setting where people (men and women) are wearing swimwear – which does sort of make us all vulnerable, in a sense – but personally I feel comfortable in that setting and I’ve never had a problem with feeling disrespected there.

    • Gary-936836 June 22, 2014 Reply

      And that is all quite sensible, Adrienne. 🙂

      • Adrienne-113113 June 23, 2014 Reply

        Thank you, Gary. 🙂

        Just want to add that I appreciate the author’s respect for women. A woman knows when she is in the company of men who respect her and men who don’t and I appreciate you gentlemen here. And if a man I knew respected me ever told me that there was a problem for him or other men in the way I dressed I would take him seriously.

    • Meesch-691047 June 26, 2014 Reply

      If your eyes cause you to sin at the beach or pool… avoid going to the beach and/or pools.

  21. Jannet-1063118 June 22, 2014 Reply

    As a swimmer, swimming laps, I wear a one piece suit, the racer style. When I recenty went shopping for a swim suit, it was never in my mind to buy a two piece suit. I’m interested in improving myself with getting in shape, meaning it’s about fitness. I’d say the bikini has nothing to do with fitness.

    I also think that women think they must wear a bikini to draw attention, but the one piece suit might actually been more flattering to the figure.

  22. Paul-393290 June 22, 2014 Reply

    modesty is nice to see

  23. Marita-847688 June 22, 2014 Reply

    The answer to the title would be “no”.

    • Peter-484745 June 23, 2014 Reply

      Right! I don’t think that was made at all clear enough in the article itself.

    • Marita-847688 June 23, 2014 Reply

      It looks like the title changed.

  24. Tara-916139 June 22, 2014 Reply

    “And, no, not all men are like that. There are knights out there who cherish and respect the dignity of a woman.”

    Most important two lines of the post. Thank you for giving us ladies the always appreciated reassurance of this fact 😉

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