She Gets a Proposal on the Golf Course


Prior to joining CatholicMatch, Mike and Suzie both thought they had found “the one.” They were convinced that they were with the person they would spend the rest of their life with…but it didn’t work out.

“As cliché as it sounds that really deflated us,” Mike said. “However, as we all know, God’s plan is far different than ours.”

Neither Mike nor Suzie immediately thought of online dating as an answer. Both had skepticism, but they decided to give it a chance. Mike heard about CatholicMatch through the parish bulletin and Suzie’s sister encouraged her to give CatholicMatch a try.

The skepticism soon went away for both. “We realized that the people you meet on CatholicMatch have a common interest and that is Catholicism,” Mike said. “It’s easier to buy into online dating once you realize you can find out a lot about someone before you even pursue them.”

Suzie sent an emotigram to Mike, he sent her a message in return and it started a consistent dialogue of messages, a back-and-forth each day which soon turned into phone calls and texts. After three weeks, the couple, who live within about an hour of each other in Michigan, decided to get together.

That was almost exactly one year ago, and Mike and Suzie found that their shared faith foundation was just the beginning of what they had in common.

They each place a high priority on their family. “I fell in love with that immediately, since that was something I always desired in my wife,” Mike said. They both also love country music and Detroit sports. “I always say after she told me she would rather watch sports than a movie, I knew that she was meant for me.”

By the fall, Mike and Suzie were talking about marriage, even broaching ideas for where the wedding and reception would be, ultimately settling on her parish and a nearby country club. Now it was just a matter of getting a ring on her finger.

photo 3One of Mike’s great passions is to play golf. He plays about once a week with Suzie, and has gotten into playing with her father and brothers. It was on a family golf trip in Florida that Mike had secured her father’s permission to propose to Suzie. Therefore, it seemed natural to incorporate golf into the marriage proposal, although as fall turned to winter in Michigan, Mike would have to hope the weather cooperated.

A few days after this past Christmas, the Michigan weather turned sunny with temperatures in the 30s, which as anyone who lives in a cold climate knows, feels positively balmy in December.

Mike and Suzie went snowshoeing on the golf course at the same country club they wanted to have the wedding reception at. They were on the fourth hole, when Mike got down on one knee, the sun gleaming off two feet of snow and proposed marriage. Even though Suzie might have been expecting the proposal in general terms, Mike still managed to catch her completely by surprise. Both of their parents joined them for a celebratory glass of champagne.

“I think the way we showed a strong and unyielding love toward each other was something that really made us realize we were meant to be,” Mike said. “We both can see Christ’s love in not only each other, but in those that surround us.”

Mike and Suzie have a busy time ahead of them. In addition to the wedding plans, Suzie will be completing her exam to become a Certified Public Accountant in December and will start a new job immediately. Mike keeps busy with his work at a metal fabricating company, where he designs piping systems.

But no matter how busy life gets, they’ll be able to find time for a golf game together. And walking by the fourth hole will never be the same. “It’s something tangible that we can hold on to and it will forever hold a spot in our hearts,” Mike said. “I know that she came into my life at the perfect time and I came into hers when she needed me the most. That’s evidence of God’s will sustaining us.”


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    Suzie is My cousin! So happy for her!

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