3 Joys of Summer that Teach Me About Love


Well, it’s summer and that means it’s time to relax and dream of any summer plans we have coming up: sunny days at the beach, concerts, or vacations. But who would guess the joys of summer could also be a mirror reflecting the greatest joy that God made us for: love. Let’s look at our love for music, vacation and the beach that reflects God’s ultimate love.

Popular songs. First, who doesn’t like music? It makes us dance, sing, relax, brings back memories—both good and bad—as well as brings people together. Every summer, there is some one-hit wonder that pumps everyone up, but what we don’t realize is that this one-hit wonder can tell us something about love.

We can realize what it tells us about love by examining what makes a one hit wonder popular. First, it has a good beat. Next it gets played over and over and over and over again to the point where you could literally sing the song in your sleep. Finally, there is something in the song that we can relate to. This matches up perfectly with love.

In order to find love, we have to have a good beat, a positive attitude and be ourselves “loud enough” so that people can hear us. One of the biggest problems we have is we’re afraid to be ourselves and so we give off a weak beat, something people can’t enjoy. It’s not that they don’t want to enjoy it, but they just can’t hear it. So let’s give a good beat to everyone this summer.

Next, a song gets played over and over and over again. We have to do this as well: keep being ourselves over and over and over again while continuously trying to discover God’s will for our lives. Then we can get to the third way love is like a summer hit, by relating to other people. We have to be firmly rooted in ourselves, give off a strong beat, but we also must be open to relating to other people; finding a connection with others. We can do this by not only finding similar interests, but also be willing to try new things to discover new things about ourselves. So we see that when it comes to music and love, we can look at these three things and become a summer sensation.

But it doesn’t stop there. Summer, like love, is more than just good music. It also is a sought-after vacation.

Vacation. On a vacation, there are various stages. There’s the “Only 1 more week to go stage,” then there’s the “On the road but still 100 miles to go stage,” and finally there is the “I’m here, let’s enjoy stage.”

All of these stages relate to love because they are mirror images of our hearts. The first stage is equivalent to where we’ve been in our love lives; the second stage is like our desire for getting where we want to go in our love lives, and the final stage is being where we want in our love lives.

Now what would happen to a person who only stayed in the first stage or “only 1 week to go” phase of a vacation? Well, the most obvious answer is that person would never actually get to go on a vacation or take a break. It is the same with love, if we always are dwelling on the past, we can never “take a break” or obtain our dreams because we’re always looking back. This leads to a dissatisfaction with life and with love.

So we move to the second stage which is, “on the road but still 100 miles to go.” This is progress from the first stage, but still falls short of where we want to be. I think many of us are in this stage, but focusing solely on this stage only brings restlessness because we are so focused on the desire, that we forget the beauty that’s all around us. It would be like driving with a 100 miles to go, but being so focused on getting to your destination that you completely miss the beautiful Rocky Mountains that you’re driving through, or the gentle rolling hills of the Midwest, the beautiful sky-rises in the city, or most importantly the company that’s in the car with you.

Sometimes, we’re so focused on finding love, that we forget about all the love and blessings we all ready have through those whom are all ready in our lives. That’s why the summer teaches us the lesson we must always be at the third stage, “I’m here, let’s enjoy it.” Summer vacation teaches us that God has us right where he wants us, so let’s enjoy it.

Trips to the Beach. This brings us to our third summer love, love of the beach. The beach is most people’s dream spot not simply because of the waves, beautiful sunset, sandcastles, volleyball, tanning, and boardwalks, but because it is a place we can relax. This is what God wants us to do with love. If we realize He has us right where He wants us, then why shouldn’t we relax, enjoy the waves, and rest in the Son.

I hope you caught that, we just need to rest in the Son!

It is only once we do this, that our summer feels complete; it is only then that we can rest and enjoy our vacation because as the great “Son of Summer,” St. Augustine, once said, “Our hearts are restless Oh Lord, until they rest in you.”

So this Summer, let’s remember the great music, adventurous vacation, and beautiful beaches all reflect the love that we all desire. Let us sing a joyful song on that well-deserved vacation to the beach and look forward to summer love!



  1. Catherine-996317 July 18, 2014 Reply

    Gerard-Marie, I love your finding the three aspects of achieving anything good-preparation, anticipation, and enjoyment-in my favorite season.

    My kids laugh at me when I find prayers to God in even the most unexpected of pop songs. And I can clearly remember summers that had exceptionally good songs!

    As I’m going on vacation in 12 days (not that I’m counting or anything), to a beach, mind you, I’m grateful for the reminder on having a good mindset going in.

    May I add another thought to yours? Another reason beaches and vacations are so wonderful is there are no distractions. That should be our goal, perhaps, in our faith life, to rid ourselves of the chores and TV’s and electronics and ‘clutter’ that distracts us from our focus-being in the Son. Love that!

  2. Meesch-691047 July 11, 2014 Reply

    And the beautiful sunshine which heralds my favorite season- Autumn!

    • Gerard-Marie Anthony July 16, 2014 Reply

      May you shine all the beautiful colors of Fall as a witness to the beauty of God. God bless Meesch!

  3. Michelle-989480 July 11, 2014 Reply

    Thank you, Gerard-Marie Anthony for this cleverly written, inspiring post! I loved it!

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