A Good Samaritan Saved My Life


A couple of months ago, I shared this story with our CatholicMatch Institute newsletter list about how a good samaritan saved my life. This is what happened:

“I live in the northeast where we’ve been having a ton of snow lately. The snowfall is so pretty and peaceful … unless you have to drive in it. These crazy storms reminded me of a time I was driving on the highway with my wipers on mega speed. I could barely see and then all of a sudden, one of my wiper blades launched off the hinges and continued to screeeeeeeeeeech along the glass. Now I definitely couldn’t see out the window, and the noise of the scratching metal was enough for me to lose my cool.

I was able to safely get off the highway and pull over on the exit ramp. I got out into the blizzard to look at my wiper. I stood covered in snow, looking at the blade dangling from the rest of the wiper thingy. Yup, it’s broken.

I got back in my car and decided the gas station near by would know what to do. Feeling flustered and having tunnel vision, I never checked my blind spot … Hooooooooonk! … and completely cut someone off. Yes, it was my fault that I didn’t check my blind spot, and I guess I deserved that honk, but did they have to honk in such a mean way?

I went into the store asking for help, but the gas attendant scoffed at me. I walked back to my car and as any rational, independent woman would do, I started to cry.

I sat in my car feeling sorry for myself and wondering what to do, when a small blue pick-up truck pulled up beside me. An older gentleman got out of his car. ‘I noticed that you were having some trouble with your wiper blade. I have some electric tape that will hold it until you get to the hardware store.’

I’m not sure where he came from, but he absolutely saved my day. I was so thankful for his generosity! So today (in honor of angels in disguise), I’m going to look for opportunities to share random acts of kindness with everyone I meet.”

After I sent out this email, I got a huge response from other CatholicMatch members and CatholicMatch Institute followers who wanted to share their own stories about strangers coming to their rescue.

So in honor of all those angels in disguise, we will be publishing those amazing stories on the CatholicMatch Institute blog along with a brief feature about each writer.

If you have your own “Angels in Disguise” story I would love to read it. Send me an email at robynlee@catholicmatch.com.



  1. Helen-1050560 July 30, 2014 Reply

    that was indeed angel in disguise…i hope and pray each one of us will do the same.. to show kindness to strangers when they are in need..

  2. William-607613 July 24, 2014 Reply

    I’m with Patrick on this one.

    It’s a heart-warming story, but the man hardly saved your life.

    This is more than semantics; there are good Samaritans out there who really do step up and save someone’s life. They pull people out of burning cars, pull them out of the way of an out of control vehicle, or step up to thwart a violent attack.

    Let’s not take anything away from these folks.

  3. Patrick-341178 July 23, 2014 Reply

    I must admit I was bit letdown by this story. A random act of kindness is nice, but not exactly saved one’s life worthy.

  4. Michelle-989480 July 22, 2014 Reply

    Great idea, Robyn Lee! I look forward to reading the members “Angels In Disguise” stories. Thank you!

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