Help for Newly Married Couples


One of my favorite things to do during my work day is listen to Catholic radio and podcasts.

In the morning, I enjoy listening to Matt Swaim on the Son Rise Morning Show and Teresa Tomeo on the Ave Maria Radio.

But in the afternoon when I hit the 3pm slump I like to listen to something that will make me laugh. Lino Rulli of the Catholic Guy Show is a regular on my playlist, but another hilarious podcast that I always look forward to listening to is Catholic in a Small Town about a young Catholic couple, Mac and Katherine Barron, raising children in a small town. Mac and Katherine are converts to the Catholic faith and in their podcast they give a glimpse of what it means to live out their Catholic faith every day in an real, genuine and often hilarious way.

Recently Mac and Katherine celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary and they talked about the difference between preparing for marriage or preparing for the wedding day. Mac shared, “What society shows us as love, aka: the wedding day … and that everything has to be perfect on the wedding day. As opposed to what is really love that is a life built together over the long haul.”

Mac and Katherine admit that their marriage isn’t perfect and they even get annoyed with each other, but that doesn’t change that they are committed to stay together.

I learned so much by listening to their honest discussion about communication in marriage. Katherine gives insights about how couples can better work out disagreements and encourages newly married couples to persevere in the tough issues that they might be facing in the first years of marriage.

Katherine said: “You may seem to be living in the same house, but not in the same universe. It gets better, but you have to find each other … that is what marriage is. You are going to change over time … but find your way back to each other. You have to sit down and you have to talk. … Recognize that you are both human beings that were designed to be together. God gave us marriage to have someone to hold onto through life’s ups and downs, but it takes work.”

I wrote to Mac and Katherine and asked permission to share this moving clip of honest reflection about their own marriage that will be so helpful to other Catholic couples preparing for marriage or newly married couples who are struggling with the same concerns.

A wedding is easy. Marriage is hard.


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  1. BethAnne-168224 August 2, 2014 Reply

    I love listening to Catholic Podcasts and Radio Show. Love Mac and Katherine they are so fun to listen to!

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