Live Tweets from the National Catholic Singles Conference


Robyn TweetingThis past weekend was the National Catholic Singles Conference in San Diego, Calif. Over the next few weeks I will share all the fun memories of the conference, including a slideshow of all the pictures taken from the weekend!

For those of you who weren’t able to make the conference, we wanted to give you a gist of what the speakers talked about, so I live tweeted every talk under the hashtag #NCSC14. Here is a collection of my favorite tweets from the weekend.

RT: @heathervoccola @RobynLee13 Live Tweeting at #NCSC14 for @CatholicMatch

Martha Fernández-Sardina Get a Lover, Be a Lover! 

Let down your nets. Go out and love message someone today. #NCSC14 @RememberURLoved

We are called to be saints. We are called to be lovers. So that people can see God in you before they hear you speak about God. #NCSC14

God holds you in His heart because you are precious to Him. Remember to treat everyone with love b/c they are precious to God. #NCSC14

Don’t undervalue yourself. We should be able to say with humility and confidence: “I am wonderfully made” #NCSC14

You are daddy’s little boy or girl no matter how grown-up you are. The King of the Universe is your Father. #NCSC14

Our love life begins with a relationship with the God that would die for you. #NCSC14

Feedback about the National Catholic Singles Conference: Fred from Austin, TX said: “I am missing football for this and I don’t even care!”

IMAG0405John LaBriola – Healing the Wounded Heart

Unforgiveness is the biggest way the devil gets into your lives. #NCSC14

Can you imagine having Mary’s heart? Imagine what receiving the Eucharist would be like? #NCSC14 #JohnLabriola

God wants your heart. Give him your heart. He will redeem it. #NCSC14

Our hearts need healing. Ask God to mend your heart. #NCSC14

RT: @heathervoccola #johnlabriola -I confess the same things over & over again. #Priest – Well, it’s a good thing you aren’t picking up new ones.  #NCSC14

There is nothing that you are going through right now that can’t bring you closer to Jesus. #NCSC14

Christa Lopiccolo – Intimacy and Fruitfulness in the Single Life

Your singleness is not a disease. Is not something that is wrong with you. #NCSC14

We do not need to fear the Lord. We do not need to fear our past. Whatever our life story has been, God can use it for great glory. #NCSC14

Jennifer Roback MorseJennifer Roback Morse – The Sexual Revolution and its Fruits: Healing Ourselves, Our Families, and Our Society 

@RuthInstitute Marriage is not just about the adults and their feelings. Children should not be an afterthought. #NCSC14

What is the sexual revolution? Sex and childbearing separated from each other and both from marriage. #NCSC14

Don’t hang your head. Be proud of your Catholic faith. #NCSC14

Fr. Jacob Betrand – Living the Single Life with Singleness of Heart 

@fr_jake_bert Make the decision to change. Be the hero. Be the saint that changes it for good. #NCSC14

Don’t you hate your will sometimes? You keep committing that particular sin over and over? We have the ability to change, but do it thru love. #NCSC14

We are really good at wanting love, but not at giving love. #NCSC14

Put on kingdom vision. See and hear the world differently. Change how you live. #NCSC14

If you feel lonely get back to a single heart. Do you have one love focused on Christ? #NCSC14

Fr. Jacob BertrandWe were made for another and yet we feel alone. #NCSC14

How do we sincerely give of ourselves? By making space in our hearts. #NCSC14

Singles desire a real intimacy with people who care about them. Make the church your family. #NCSC14

Singles need to be evangelized and they need community. They crave it. #NCSC14

If you attended the conference, share any great memories or quotes from the speakers in the comment box below.

Don’t forget to send me your pictures at I will share the slide show later in the week!



  1. Mark-1122662 August 16, 2014 Reply

    Thanks, Robyn! These “live tweets” are great insight into the conference! Its nice to see brief thoughts that I can pause to really think about. When too much information comes too fast, it can be difficult to grab more than 2 or 3 thoughts to really hold onto. So thanks for posting!

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