Meeting in Person After Meeting Online


I just got back from the National Catholic Singles Conference.  It was, in a word, fabulous. Great location, fabulous speakers . . . and the emcee seemed to be having a lot of fun!
Mary Beth BonacciHard to say what was the best part. The talks were terrifica lot of depth, and a lot of insight into the single life. CatholicMatch sponsored a killer hors d’oeuvres party on Friday night, and a VIP reception on Saturday.  The dance was a blast. The adoration time was among the most powerful I have ever seen at a conference, period. The weather was perfect, and the resort offered multiple pools for hanging out by water and palm trees. And I had a great visit to the legendary Hotel del Coronado.
But I have concluded that at least one of the best parts was the opportunity to meet people in person whom I had until then only known online.  I have said beforemany timesthat we singles can live without marriage, but we can’t live without community. CatholicMatch offers singles an opportunity to find each other for marriage. It also offers the best online forum for single Catholics in the entire known universe. I know a lot of you have met, and bonded, and argued (…and argued, and argued) in the various “rooms” of the CatholicMatch forum. And that is a great giftconnecting single Catholics from all over the world at the click of a mouse.
MB and friendsBut there is nothing that compares to meeting someone in person. Online relationshipswhether friendship or romanticare incomplete. It’s one thing to see what someone types. It is quite another to see how they react, how they speak, how they move and exist in the real world. It’s like the difference between reading the book and seeing the movie. (Although, in reverse, because ironically books offer far more detail that movies. Maybe it’s like the difference between reading the book and jumping into the movie, where you could actually interact with the characters. But I digress.)
Meeting people in person, laughing with them, talking with them, looking them in the eyesthat is when we really start to know someone, when we truly have the elements on which to build community.
Is it too late? Did you miss the NCSC and thinking you won’t have another chance until next year’s conference? Not so fast. Look on the forum. Local CatholicMatch members are constantly sponsoring local and regional events. Check one out.

Also check out the Groups home page and see what is happening locally, around the country or in topical groups (members need to be logged into in order to see the Groups page).

And if there’s not one in your area…well, what are you waiting for? When you’re the organizer, you get to call the shots. Pick an event, pick a venue, put the word out, and have a party!
And then join us for next year’s National Catholic Singles Conference.


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  1. Jacqueline-198 August 19, 2014 Reply

    I had a blast and it was great FINALLY seeing Mary Beth Bonacci in person, been hearing a lot about you in the past girlfriend! The fun part of these types of gatherings is having folks come up to you because they recognize you from the forums…I met a friend I’ve been email pals for years for the first time, a sweetheart as well, and had the opportunity to go on two tours and got to know a few CMers as well while having a great time!! I encourage all to move away from the ‘puters and meet your fellow members!!

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