Creative Date Ideas for Long-Distance Couples


When I was in a long-distance relationship, my boyfriend and I would long for typical dates, like going out for ice cream or going for a walk together. But because of the distance, these simple dates were few and far between.

It was hard to stay in regular communication during the week and even harder to really get to know each other. We would instant message each other, text and sometimes talk on the phone at night, but I really missed being able to have that face-to-face contact.

Plus I wanted to get to know my boyfriend in other ways than talking on the phone. I wanted to know how he interacted when he was with his siblings or nieces and nephews. How did he act when he was volunteering? How did he respond when he was putting together a 1,000-piece bookshelf? Did he like playing card games? How did he handle big groups (like my big family?)

I was at a loss about getting to know these details without being in the same place as him. We made every effort to see each other, but what were we supposed to do in between each meeting?

Joy Kubik on her recent Son Rise Morning Show interview, shared her personal story of meeting her husband on CatholicMatch and gave a list of creative long-distance date ideas that you could do via Skype. Play Mad Libs, read books together, even pray together.

Click on the player above and then I would love to hear your creative long-distance date ideas. Leave me a comment below.



  1. Dominique L. November 24, 2014 Reply

    My serious long distance boyfriend & I talk on the phone for 2 hours each night, which includes praying together, faith sharing, chatting about our days, eating (the same) ice cream, watching youtube videos, reading books to each other, etc- although the distance is a major cross, it has also been a lot of fun. Major creativity, committment & communication are required.
    Also, we have discovered the joys of Google Hangouts which allows you to play games, screen share, watch videos together while video chatting- you can even invite friends!

  2. Vanessa-1088742 November 21, 2014 Reply Check this out!! Some ideas are not exactly Catholic friendly but I’m sure they can be modified 😉 Most seem like a lot of Fun!

  3. Emily-662967 November 18, 2014 Reply

    My boyfriend and I are in an LDR with 9 hours of time zone difference between us. We have done many of the things suggested in the article – reading the same book (either discussing chapters we’ve read or taking turns to read the story to each other), cooking meals together (brunch for me, dinner for him), making skype dates once or twice a week as our schedules allow, and setting the next date at the end of the current one so that we each have something to look forward to. We’ve also gone through a box of questions called “Table Topics” that asks questions ranging form your most embarassing moment to a description of your perfect day. It’s been a great blessing getting to know him through conversations while we each look forward to the next time we can arrange a visit.

  4. Mari-207640 November 16, 2014 Reply

    Watch a movie together …. rent the same movie, each orders pizza, when the food arrives and everything is ready for the evening. Both pushes play at the same time … watch togther as you talk and laugh on skpy or the phone. Very fun!!

  5. Amy-1104389 November 16, 2014 Reply

    What about a skype dinner date together? As in each person organises a meal, and sits down and eats together. Even if it means one has to have brunch and the other supper due to timezone difference? Each should put on nice dinner suits, have candles and music etc.

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