Tips On How To Cook for One Person (VIDEO)


Fr. Leo here! My motivation for starting was to strengthen family life around the dinner table, but many single Catholics came up to me and asked how to cook for one.

Let’s face it, cooking for one is not easy. As a celibate priest who cooks for one all the time, I feel your pain!

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We face getting bored of having to eat the same foods all the time. And then after having the same menu all week, we still have a problem with waste.

But there are some simple tips that can make cooking for one a little easier.

Make a week’s worth of recipes with one product.

Have a hankering for a roasted chicken, but you can’t eat the entire thing? Here’s a creative way to make tasty meals from one roasted chicken from the store:

  • Pull off all the leg meat and mix it with barbecue sauce. Store it in the refrigerator for a barbecue sandwich in the future.
  • Next, cut up all the breast meat and turn it into chicken salad for lunch.
  • Even the bones can be put to use. Boil them in some water with onions, carrots, celery, shredded chicken and pre-cooked pasta for a tasty chicken soup.

Cooking for one is a struggle, and it is necessary sometimes to eat alone. But remember our God is so good. He is Emmanuel and with Him you are never alone.

So let’s make this food, faith, and friendship connection and be faithful to it.

Realize God will satisfy even that pain we feel when being alone. Don’t forget that he is with you.



  1. Claire-1413784 February 12, 2017 Reply

    I also cook for 4 people who are on their own. for the elderly

  2. Davi-868628 February 7, 2017 Reply

    Cooking for one can be a challenge, but if you cook for two, you always have the option to invite a guest.
    I recall having a conversation with a Muslim brother, who grew up a Southern Baptist, discussing the lack of prayer time he experienced growing up.
    He was surprised that Catholics pray often. I explained a devotion to prayer consist of morning & evening prayers. Prayers before and after activities. And of course, my favorite…before and after meals.
    This didn’t include devotion time.
    We broke bread on several occasions.

  3. Andrew-1173040 February 5, 2017 Reply

    Now I just need away to always remember grace before meals. Occasionally, I’ll have to modify the blessing: ‘…which we have received and are about to receive…’ 🙂

    • Otti-1143632 February 6, 2017 Reply

      a company of those who do pray before and after meals helps. On a “cultural note”: I heard from a catholic bishop of an Ethiopian rite that “the food set before you is not guaranteed that you will eat it or will sit well with you,” so accordingly they only pray after the meals 🙂

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